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Public Opinion on Renewable Energy

Updated on December 5, 2011

The public opinion will vary on a number of factors including economy, living environment, working environment, transport and social status, environmentalist.

Sources of renewable energy

·         Windmill (Wind Power)


When the economy is down the general public opinion is in favour of energy sources such as windmills. However for the wealthier population it is unfavourable due to the noise they make and the environmental effect.

Living environment/ Social Status

Smaller and portable windmills are become quite popular with the middle to upper class of the population because it has become ‘Green Fashion’ a term used to describe items helping the economy with a decorative effect.

The rural areas with the bigger windmills are often against them due to the environmental factors such as noise and to some an eye sore. However others welcome windmills due money incentives and environmentalist.

A source says

‘B&Q said the turbines are on sale in 107 out of their 320 shops. She said: 'Since going on sale, the biggest selling product line in value out of 43,000 items is our £1,500 wind turbine.'

However the lower class of the population are less favourable to wind mills as they are expensive to buy.

·         Hydropower/ Water Energy

The energy is produces by gravitational move of water.

Environmentalist t is a group of the public that support Hydropower because it doesn’t burn fossil fuels hence lowering CO2 emissions. Also water sport enthusiast will be in favour as Dams can be used for recreational and competitive water sports.

However there are many against it such as the people living near the Dam, because of the incredible force of the water in the case of an accident will cause several casualties.

Source ( (

‘For example, the Banquio failure in Southern China resulted in the deaths of 171,000 people and left millions homeless. Also, the creation of a dam in a geologically inappropriate location may cause disasters like the one of the Vajont Dam in Italy, where almost 2000 people died, in 1963’

Also they are expensive to run and require work which is a positive for the working class, another point is they have a relatively short life expectancy of about 100 year, however this vary greatly depending on the size.

Geothermal Energy

This source of renewable energy does release gases but in a very small scale in comparison to carbon dioxide.

Environmentalist is in favour of Geothermal energy due to the fact is decreases global warming and also government tend to be in favour due to the relative cheap running cost.

 There are very little source on public opinion in regard to Geothermal energy due to the fact is has very little effect on the environment and people day to day lives.

Solar Energy

From research of forums Solar Energy seems to be a popular choice among the general public die to its size, design and uses.

However like other renewable sources it is expensive to have built in homes also they are not effective in areas with little


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