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Publish0x - Blogging for Crypto

Updated on August 3, 2020

Publish0x is a new blogging platform that mostly is geared towards cryptocurrency, but also other general technology. The platform is pretty interesting in how it works. All registered users can read and browse articles. Articles a user likes can be "thumbs up'd" or if they didn't like it, it can be "thumbs downed" not to dissimilar to how Reddit works - and a feature I wish Hubpages would implement on their platform (hint hint!).

But where Publish0x is different is in their tipping system. All users can tip up to six articles a day (and only one author per 24 hours.) The tips are paid by Publish0x presently in BAT (Basic Attention Token used within Brave Browser), DAI (a stable coin pegged to the US dollar) and LRC (Loopring), and the platform says they willing be adding ETH in the near future. However, tipping is optional, and you don't need to give an author a tip at all. However, if you do like the content, there is a slider that is automatically set to 80% and what this slider does is pretty interesting.

The tipping slider goes from 20% to 100%, and as the reader, should you choose to tip the author for their content, that percentage is what you're giving them. Which I think is such an interest concept for engagement. Users get to decide and reward the best content on the platform. Which further incentives readers to keep coming back (to either give their tips away or to collect them.)

Further, Publish0X has an affiliate program, where even readers if they share content can do so with their affiliate link and will receive a portion of the tips their recruits dole out. None of which will you ever retire off of, as payouts are small. Typically only a few pennies in crypto per tip and often less than that. However, for authors who publish great content, it can turn into a lucrative stream of income. Further, for folks who want to mess around with cryptocurrency without putting their own money up, this is a great way to dip your toe in! Below is what this looks like for me as a very casual author, tipper and recruiter (as of 7/31/20):

Recruits as of 7/31/20
Recruits as of 7/31/20 | Source
Earnings to date (07/31/20)
Earnings to date (07/31/20) | Source

I'm not going to be able to retire off these any time soon, but payouts are very low. As long as you have 50 cents or more in one of the cryptocurrencies, you can transfer out to an external wallet. So far, I typically produce about $1.50/mo on the platform. However, with the raise of cryptocurrency recently, that often times is worth more now than it was in the past. One exception is DAI, which is a stable coin as noted above and it is pegged to $1.00 and doesn't really fluctuate.

Where I think this becomes a great resource for online bloggers and writers, is Publish0x is another place to show case your work and to link back to other materials elsewhere (either here on Hubpages, or to personal pages.) Basically as resource for backlinks, credential building, and audience growth. Further, the platform does not restrict affiliate links within articles, so if you have a specific program or product you are writing about, any traffic it generates from your links go goes directly to you (even Amazon Affiliates Links)! As examples of the content ther, here are two of the articles I have worked on there:

Mining with Betterhash - Put Your PC to Work

Searching for Yield

And if you're new to the crypto scene and curious about mining, Betterhash is one of the easiest places to start. Further, in "Searching for yield" I go over some details on how to use affiliate programs out there to receive more than ~$40 in Crypto ($20, BTC (Bitcoin) and 15 AWC (Atomic Wallet Coin) - presently worth about $20) with a $100 purchase on Coinbase of a stable coin called USDC (an Ethereum based Token pegged to the USD at $1.00.) Further, still with the use of BlockFi you can put the $100 of USDC to work with an APR of 8.6% and your BTC at 6.00%. Lastly, the AWC can be staked in Atomic wallet for 20%. A very easy way to yield some passive crypto income! Which ignoring compounding and fluctuating rates, would look like this:

Let me know your thoughts and comments. And I would love to hear about other referral or affiliate programs you've found that have become lucrative for you. And please consider following and supporting me in the links above!

Lastly, please do your own research. With all things there are risks here. Both in loss of your money (should you purchase cryptocurrency), but also with losing access to your funds due to losing your keys to an account or wallet, or mishandling of your keys or passwords so that someone else takes them from you. Crypto is mostly untraceable, and so once it's gone, it really is gone forever. Please be careful, and please be aware I am not giving you financial advise.


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