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Purchases and investments of Google around the tourism industry

Updated on May 1, 2016

While Google has just celebrated its thirteenth birthday candle, it is interesting to illustrate the form of an infographic few of the many investments and purchases around the tourism industry, the advertising market is valued at USD $ 90 billion, it is not necessary to argue more to justify the investment as late as powerful in the industry.

Google celebrates 13 years!
Happy Birthday Google!

In 2004, Google take the lead on local search investing heavily on mapping tools to give birth and nurture of services that are now part of everyday life such as Google Maps or Google Earth. Buying ZipDash, a GPS guidance system, is far from trivial because it certainly helped launch GoogleMaps Navigation in 2010, as proof that Google sometimes placed on the long term.

In October 2006, Google announced, like a gun without warning in the web world, he would become the owner of the company in exchange for Youtube Google shares worth $ 1.65 billion U.S. dollars. He thus seized a streaming platform which today, according to official sources "three billion videos viewed daily an increase of 50% compared to last year" put into perspective is "a land of both exposed to a Youtube video every day."

In 2010, the acquisition of ITA, leader of booking airline ticketing system, represents a real concern especially for the collective FairSearch (Sabre, Expedia, Bing and in France) denouncing the rising hegemony and disturbing to Google. The case was heard again on 21 September before the US Senate, to be continued .. And as a snub, a few days ago, Google launched its Google Flights Search!

Suites HomeAway investment to the tune of $ 25 million USD are eagerly awaited.
What does the search engine? Google Hotel Finder for houses?

In May 2010, Google bought the virtual travel guide and recurrence Zagat in September 2011 with the equivalent of our famous red guide.

Note the recent refusal of redemptions Yelp for $ 500 million and Groupon for a mere $ 5 to 6,000,000,000 USD, never mind, Google against attack with the respective posting its own competing service Google HotPot and Google Offers.

Latest Google's investments are clearly in a strategy [intlink id = "3846" type = "post"] SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) [/ intlink] with first mobility (around Google Checkout and Wallet NFC) and the highly anticipated Google TV that could revolutionize the world of broadcasting and how we consume it!

The gargantuan appetite Google has no limit, and no doubt that within the next few weeks this infographic is already outdated ... But I will update regularly the table below, please notify me potential oversights in the comments (note that only potentially interesting purchases for tourism will be included).

Go we take the paris, what will be the next purchase of Google around the tourism industry in your opinion?


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