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Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

Updated on November 9, 2014

Puzzle Mobile Games

While huge game publishers and developers have flocked to iOS gaming on the iPhone, the bread and butter of iPhone gaming remains games aimed at more casual folks. The cream of the crop in casual gaming is puzzles – head-scratching games, often with basic graphics, but chock full of demanding, forehead-rubbing difficulty. Looking for a new puzzle to try but not willing to part with your hard-earned dollar? Let’s take a look at some of the best free puzzles on the iPhone.

Both the iPhone and iPad have great selections for all age groups from educational games for kids to really tough and complicated ones for adults.

Casual Gaming Device

An iPhone in a Bamboo puzzle case
An iPhone in a Bamboo puzzle case | Source

Keep an Active Mind

Playing with a puzzle game on the iPhone while you burn through a little down time whether traveling or waiting for someone else is a great way to keep the mind fresh and active. Taking a moment to relax from thinking about tasks related to the day to day work is good and these puzzle are excellent for short game play.

The following are a few of the best that can be found in the Apple app store.

App Review - Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz

Tetris is perhaps the longest-running success story of puzzle gaming, boasting generations of fans worldwide. Tetris Blitz offers an original spin on the game: timed rounds ratchet up the pressure as your fingers dance to eliminate lines and collect as many points as possible in the time allotted. A clever multi-player addition allows you to challenge your friends for high scores, making Tetris no longer the puzzle world’s solitaire it’s been for so long. Shifting the goal of playing to climbing the scoreboards instead of lasting as long as you can with ever-quickening blocks is a great way to make Tetris fresh again and – best of all – it’s free.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo!

Leave it to the nutters at [adult swim] to develop a crazily manic color-matching game centered around monsters devouring a tower of colored condos. Like Tetris Blitz, Super Monsters Ate My Condo! throws a two-minute countdown clock at you and, naturally, insanity ensues. Match condos while avoiding spoilers like nuke condos and acid condos, then don your monsters with weird hats to increase your points. Does any of this sound like it makes sense? It shouldn't. It’s [adult swim]. Super Monsters Are My Condo! is a fun romp through the color-matching segment of the puzzle genre and, of course, it’s absolutely free.

iPhone Sudoku Games

Sudoku on the go with an iPhone
Sudoku on the go with an iPhone | Source

App Review - Sudoku Supreme


When it comes to iPhone puzzles almost everyone that enjoys a mind challenge has played a few games of this classic. No, not even Tetris can hold a candle these days to the mighty whirlwind of gaming that is Sudoku. There are dozens of different version of Sudoku on iOS, but the free version developed by Finger Arts is far and away the best. Straight-forward and easy to learn directions make entry into the game a breeze, and the graphics are nothing to sneeze at, either. Perhaps the best feature of Finger Arts’ version of Sudoku is the points system, allowing you to compete against other players worldwide on iPhone’s Game Center leader boards. When you've tired of Super Monsters Ate My Condo! silliness and decided to give your brain a rest from tactile safe-manipulation in The Room Pocket, there’s always that old standby, Sudoku, to pick up the puzzle gaming slack.

Go Round

Looking for Simple yet still very fun game to try? Then give Go Round from Little White Bear Studios a try. This casual puzzle is based around a series of rings the player must navigate without letting the rings disappear completely. Earn coins to improve your abilities in this ever-shifting game, where the mode of play changes every five levels. As puzzles go, Go Round couldn't be farther away from the hyper-rendered mix of intrigue and atmosphere that is The Room, but it scratches that same puzzle itch with its simplicity and calm ambiance. Go Round is a true indie of a game, developed by a husband and wife team and offered for free (with, naturally, a few in-game purchases if you like) so if you’re tired of supporting gaming Goliaths like Electronic Arts, why not toss a download Little White Bear’s way and help them out?

The Room Pocket

For players who long for a bit of creepy atmosphere and lore mixed in with their puzzling comes The Room, a tactile puzzle from Fireproof Games. The player is presented with a gigantic safe, carved with runes, symbols and other doodads they must manipulate in order to open new facets of the box and progress. The safe’s maker has left notes for the player to peruse and piece together to help them understand what exactly the safe is and how to make it work. Few puzzles take advantage of the iPhone’s hardware like this game, while at the same time delivering a fantastically well-rendered and designed experience. Be warned – after a bit of initial playing, you may become so enraptured in its difficulty and atmosphere that you won’t be able to put it down until it’s complete.

App Review - Flow Free

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Solve a Problem

Solving a crossword puzzle in a iPhone app
Solving a crossword puzzle in a iPhone app | Source

Additional Top 10 Puzzle List

Because there are so many awesome puzzle games available for iOS users to download. Here is a selection of more games and developers to check out. You can always download one more game.

  1. Flow Free by Big Duck Games is an excellent puzzle game. designed with a simple play style with a clear objective that is able to scale in complexity and difficulty as you master the basics of the game mechanics.

  2. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles by Semyon Milbert. Why play with a bunch of random objects, numbers, and letters, when you can enjoy a throw back and just do an old school regular puzzle and make a beautiful picture.

  3. EZ+ CrossWords Free by Sunkissed Design. Play a whole bunch of different crossword games.

  4. Bejeweled by Pop cap. This game is an old classic PC game that has been the favorites of casual gamers for years. The iPad and iPhone versions of this game are consistent with the bejeweled games of previous generations, line up the colored gemstones, earn points, and get creative with special abilities to earn more and more each game.

  5. Hundreds by Semi Secret Software is a beautifully designed simple puzzle games that requires a very active participant with a fast mind and equally quick finger.

  6. World of Goo is a game that is focused on making structures in the game world to reach your goal of connecting the sticky creatures . The graphics in this game are drawn well and make for a pleasing experience.

  7. The Room Pocket is a heavy graphics based game that works best with iPhone 4s / 5 and newer.

  8. Zen Bound 2 Universal is packed with over 100 levels of game play, a 45 minute soundtrack. The game is a meditative puzzle game that utilizes wrapping rope around wooden structures.

  9. Cut the Rope is filled with bubbly graphics and a pleasant look cut the rope is a fun game built with a sense of playful joy that comes out during the challenges as you complete eat segment of the levels. There is a huge amount of game play available for only $.99.

  10. Cross Fingers by Mobigame has a wooden play design look. This game comes with 720 levels for to complete with unlimited replay value and the ability to unlock an arcade mode. Use your brain and imagination to figure out each problem and solve them.


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    • Nastya Bronnikova profile image

      Anastasia Bronnikova 2 years ago from Russia, Novosibirsk

      Glad I've come across this list, puzzle games are my favorite way to pass time. Go Round sounds like something I should try, the concept is interesting. Thanks for sharing the list!