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Pwn, Pwnd, Own3d & Pwned Meaning

Updated on July 14, 2012

Pwned Pictures & Funny Pictures

In this article I thought it was the perfect opportunity to discuss an internet trend called 'pwning' and explain to people what it means when someone gets 'pwned'. I have also added 'pwned pictures' because then anyone who is redirected here looking for the latter will be able to enjoy the funny Youtube and funny people pictures I have found on Flickr.

Basically 'Pwning' is the abbreviation of the word owned and is a internet slang term to describe when somebody has made a fool of themselves or has had their content disrespected or counter-argued by somebody else. The winner of this competition then proceeds to taunt the loser by saying 'You got Pwned, Own3d or Pwn3d'.

Photo courtesy ofsota767

Owned Pictures

The picture above is taken from the 80's movie 'Spaceballs' and captures the incident when a space pilot gets kicked in the nether regions by a parody of Darth Vader. I think the internet trend to creating own3d pictures is a good idea because it means more people will make an effort to compete and make Youtube funny videos and artistic funny pictures!

Photo courtesy of amatern

Pwned Fail

Another popular keyword that is used along with pwned seems to be 'Epic Fail' or just 'you are Pwned Fail', however these seem to be expressed more on the video sharing websites rather than pictures. The word 'Epic' is the latest cool word to be used in the U.S to describe if something is good amongst young people, I first heard it on the TV show Vampire Diaries but I'm sure it will fizzle out like the trend of saying 'Rad'.

Photo courtesy ofjoeltelling

Photo courtesy of jooray

If you have heard the buzz surrounding a website called '' don't be mislead to believe it is a site for funny 'ownage videos', it is in fact a gaming resource. I have included one funny gaming pwnd picture in the screen shot above and I like the way the green maggot creature is up against the huge pitbull type animal!

To end this funny picture article I wanted to state that this is not about 'Ownage prank calls', this is a different topic and involves invading peoples privacy which I must remind you is against the law! Just because there are 'Ownage pranks' websites it doesn't mean its ok!

Photo courtesy of steven-buss

Pwned and Fail on Youtube


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