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QT reviews the Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo label printer & Dymo Stamps

Updated on March 2, 2011
...the dymo labelwriter 450 turbo...
...the dymo labelwriter 450 turbo...

As a follow up to the online postage segment of my tips to modernize small businesses, I present to you, Dear Reader, a review of the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo as a label printer by itself and as a part of the Dymo Stamps/Endicia print-your-own-postage system. So, shortly after the above-mentioned hub was published, I wrote a memo to my boss begging for this label printer for various reasons including but not limited to the following: 1. I think we should have some kind of postage service (and Dymo Stamps by Endicia is FREE). 2.Printing on sheets of labels with the Lexmark printer on my desk can be time consuming and messy. To my surprise, she ok-ed my request and I ordered it for our office because I was rather curious to see how well it stacked up to what I thought it would be.

...address labels and file folder labels...
...address labels and file folder labels...

As a Label Printer

As a label printer, the Labelwriter 450 Turbo is fantastic. You might be asking yourself, what's so great about a stand-alone label printer? Lots of things, the first being, if you work in a small office and you're limited to one or two printers, having a small, compact printer devoted solely to printing labels is a time-saver because you can print documents on your regular printer while you're printing labels on your Labelwriter without your print jobs overlapping &/or interrupting each other. The thermal technology it uses makes for clean, ink-smear-free, professional looking labels. Also, since it prints on individual labels instead of sheets, you're not running the same sheet of labels through a printer a bunch of times to print one or two labels, which also helps to keep them cleaner. The Dymo Label software that comes with the Labelwriter 450 Turbo, is easy to use, easy to install and very intuitive. This sweet label printer can print address labels, file folder labels, name badges, shipping labels and of course, postage stamps. The prices of the Labelwriter compatible labels are fairly reasonable; 2 rolls (260 labels total) of the 30327 White File Folder Labels costs approximately $12-13; 2 rolls (260 labels total) of the 30251 White Address Labels costs approximately $10. I am also pleased with how easy it is to switch between different rolls of labels (for me it is arguably faster than having to use our outdated version of Microsoft Word with our so-so Lexmark printer), and you don't have to worry as much about making sure the labels print straight because the Labelwriter, if the label roll is loaded properly, should generally keep labels aligned. As a label printer, I am very pleased overall with the Labelwriter 450 Turbo's performance.

As an Alternative Postage Solution

To be perfectly honest, I was a little bit disappointed about the limited capabilities of the Dymo Stamps system. There is no way to get refund for postage or reprint postage that was printed in error or incorrectly. Another flaw is that you can't enter in custom values for postage (i.e. say you had a $0.44 stamp but realized at the last minute you needed to add an extra $0.17 to an envelope, instead of being able to print a $0.17 stamp, you would have to print out a $0.61 stamp and try to carefully take the $0.44 stamp off of your envelope). There is no way to add other postal services like Delivery Confirmation or Insurance using Dymo Stamps. The good news is Dymo Stamps is free (except of course you have to pay for postage) and it beats the heck out of driving to the post office to buy stamps every time your office needs more. There are other monthly fee programs on that are compatible with the Labelwriter 450 Turbo which are fairly inexpensive like the Endicia Standard Solution for less than $10 per month + cost of postage.


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