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Artwiculate: The Den of Twitter-Based Lexicon-Crack

Updated on August 24, 2010


Hello Dear Readers: this is your clancular invitation to stumble down the crepuscular alley and into the den of lexicon-crack that is Artwiculate. Artwiculate, a Twitter-based word game, is guaranteed to be addictive if you like creative writing, learning new words and being constantly challenged to invent new and attention-grabbing ways to use these words in 140 characters or less. This philosophy is reflected in Artwiculate’s official tag line, “The twitter-based Word of the Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words.”
I coined the phrase “den of lexicon-crack” because once I realized I was spending more time at work playing Artwiculate than actually working, I knew it had become an insatiable addiction and had become more than just a casual time-waster for me.

How do you play Artwiculate?

First, you need a Twitter account. Second, you need to follow Artwiculate in order to create a player profile. Third, you need to go to the Artwiculate website and see what the current Word of the Day (WOTD) is. Fourth, compose as many tweets as you like using the WOTD. Five, Re-Tweet (RT) any tweets from other players that you like for whatever reason. Six, vote on the site for tweets from other players. For more info on how to play, Artwiculate, visit the Salon Artwois, which is a site for Artwiculate players (a.k.a. Artwiculati) maintained by Artwiculati. For easy RT-ing, please visit RTwiculate, a Twitter app designed and run by an Artwiculati.

Why play Artwiculate?

I obviously cannot speak for other players, but I can share with you why I play Artwiculate and how playing Artwiculate has made a tremendous impact on my life. In November 2009, I had recently reinstated my Twitter account in an attempt to find an escapist retreat in cyberspace because I hated my job at the time and had reached a point where my anxiety levels were off the charts. Somehow one day I managed to find Artwiculate and was positively thrilled because it was a chance for me to dust off my writing skills and put them to recreational use, instead of composing mundane drivel for work or school. Playing Artwiculate enabled me to not only increase my vocabulary but also to connect with dynamic, brilliant people from all over the globe without leaving my desk. After high school, I had always been very critical of my writing and was extremely dissatisfied with what little poetry and creative writing I had done to that point. Writing WOTD tweets, and receiving instant feedback from Artwiculati and accolades in the form of ReTweets increased my self confidence and improved my perception of my abilities as a writer. Then when January 2010 rolled around, a new player captivated my attention. Before his arrival, I had played Artwiculate regularly as a fun way to work out my word nerd muscles. After he started playing, the game had become a vehicle for me to flirt with this unbelievably witty and charismatic stranger living on the opposite side of the country. To make a long story short, I am now cohabitating with that charismatic stranger and we intend to marry in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that playing Artwiculate is necessarily the best way to go about searching for love but it certainly is a great word game and an arguably unconventional way to forge strong friendships and relationships with people you most likely would never have corresponded with otherwise, which in itself is incentive enough, in my book, to play the game.


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