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Qik: Stream Live Videos From Your Mobile Phone

Updated on August 23, 2010

First Minutes of a Baby

Now You Can Share Your Videos Live

Qik is the new way of sharing your videos online. You might think that you already have Youtube. But Qik is not the same as Youtube.

Qik allows you to share videos live. That's right. If you have a mobile phone and an internet connection you can stream your videos live while you are shooting them. You can share your experience right from the moment you are living it. Imagine the potential of the massive use of it. It would be great. You would be able to see things happening live by the eyes of every kinds of people...

Of course there is always a down side. There will be people using it for bad. There will be people forgetting the copyright rules...but like everything on the internet, time will bring the rules in and we will end up with a great new possibility. But the good side is amazing.

If you want to start using this incredible technology just visit:

People are using it as you can see by the picture on top, the first minutes of a baby.

Do not worry, you can also choose to have your videos private. You can keep your videos private and use qik as your video database. Just share them with the people you want.

Qik is now available on the iPhone.


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