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Quality Content Drives Traffic

Updated on December 8, 2012

Running a Website is Sometimes like Being a Juggler

Website Content
Website Content

Content is King in the Post Panda World

Do you really want to have a successful blog or website? Do you think you can create a static website with a few pages and expect to be on page 1 of Google? I hope you don’t think so, because it takes so much more.

I’ve been watching a lot of “How to be #1 on Google” videos I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on and I have a really good 150 page manual on how to rank on Google’s first page. Yes there still are still keyword strategies and link strategies and yes they have gotten more sophisticated in the post Panda world but it still boils down to one simple fact: Content. Sorry there is no getting around the need to have great content and lots of it.

What would Goggle do?

Many of bloggers write for the sake of writing something and don’t give the reader the information they need. Google does a pre-search of the World Wide Web (and they do it daily) and through a series of algorithms, (set or rules like if-then statements) categorizes websites by the words people might use to find that particular site (Keywords). Google also looks at the time people remain on site and where the reader clicks through. Google recognises spam by looking for certain phrases and words. The exact nature of Google’s rules are strictly confidential but Google puts out many YouTube videos and conduct hangouts on G Plus (Google’s version of Facebook and Twitter combined) to give web masters the tools to make a really great site and therefore stand a much better chance of getting to the front page. Realize that thousands of web masters are doing this for your niche as well and there is fierce competition to be in Google’s top 20 spots.

To have a website that people want to visit takes work. You definitely need a great home page with a keyword density between 1 percent and 2 percent. You need to write in natural language and you need to have a site that is attractive and one that people want to stay on. This means quality content and lots of it.

It's a Business - Set a Goal

Now if you are just a part time business/website owner you should set a goal of say two pages per week to add to your site. In addition keep the first page updated at least weekly. If you have gotten a few guest bloggers to write articles you will have a few more pages. Combine that with a forum attached to your site and you will have even more. A reasonable goal for a new website owner to shoot for could be something like 100 new pages per year with an additional 50 pages from guest bloggers. Photo galleries, classifieds, directories of suppliers, an online store and forums will round out your offering and at least double your number of site pages. Each takes time to set up and run so consider that in your goals. In 2-3 years your site will be a force with well over 1000 pages and be getting regular and repeat traffic. If you decided to try this seriously as a full time job triple your efforts in the first couple of years so income will start coming in from increased traffic.

So, In Summary....

Write content that people want to read. Learn about keywords. Google has a keyword tool that can help you a bit but there are sites out there that have so much more. My web host charges a bit more than regular hosting but has a lot of really great tools. I have made a decision to treat my next website seriously and the tools that my host (SBI) provides for 25.00 per month verses a regular site for about $12 per month is well worth the small increase. Work steadily at your goal. Don’t have large gaps in your site updates because Google will think you abandoned the site. Have a goal of around 10,000 pages in total with forums, posts, reviews, etc. The goal looks huge but like eating an elephant it’s just one small bite at a time.

Remember that you may never get to compete with some of the giants like, expert village, MSN or Amazon. They count pages in the millions. Some of it is user generated which means unless you’re paying for mass article writing you will never get there. But you can dominate a niche given hard work and time.


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