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How to Select a Quality Internet Phone Provider

Updated on November 16, 2010


Since the turn of the new decade, the use of Internet phone has continued to increase. After all, what’s not to love about saving money on your telephone bill? And with the cost of so many things in your budget going up, having something lowered is certainly something to get excited about. Of course, like many things, there are the occasional quirks to be dealt with. One of the quirks most commonly mentioned in Internet phone service is the quality of the call.

Thankfully, something has been started to keep complaints about call quality with VoIP at a minimum. Today, many businesses and internet phone service providers are using a system referred to simply as VoIP Call Monitoring or Quality Monitoring.  The VCM is software designed to study sound and call quality and then rate the companies and providers. The programs study the quality of the phone service and then assign a score known as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS).


If you have been considering getting Internet phone service but want to be sure that the provider you choose meets ll your needs then be sure to look for the MOS score for each of the provideres you are considering. The numbers rank from 1 to 5 and are defined as:

5 - Perfect. Like face-to-face conversation or radio reception.

4 - Fair. Imperfections can be perceived, but sound still clear. This is (supposedly) the range for cell phones.

3 - Annoying.

2 - Very annoying, nearly impossible to communicate.

1 - Impossible to communicate

Using these numbers as a guide, choosing the Internet phone service provider for you is much easier. So take a few minutes to look up the MOS score, then sign up for your VoIP phone. After all, just because you pay less doesn’t have to mean you get less. Start saving money today.


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