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Qualtrics Reviews | Survey Software

Updated on February 15, 2013

Quality Survey Software

In the world of survey software, one product stands alone in its ability to deliver clear, definitive results in a manner that defies complexities seen in their competition and puts out the welcome mat for anyone, regardless of their status or experience. That one product is made by Qualtrics. There is a reason why the survey software made by Qualtrics has been used by top companies throughout the world, in addition to major universities and government entities. More than a reason, actually. There are many reasons. Here are a few of the most poignant, which clearly lands them as the frontrunner of all survey software options.

Intro to Qualtrics


This is quite an understatement when considering the massive potential to create a survey that is, in every way, exactly how you envision it. From the rich text editor, to inserting images and embedding video, and the ability to brand it with your logo the survey will be uniquely yours. In addition, each survey can be personalized with the respondent’s name and information. The software also has a great memory. Text can be pulled from previous answer choices to build upon responses. If these reasons do not give you enough reason to think you can build the survey you had in mind, you also have the option of adding unique JavaScript, HTML coding or customizing with the CSS editor.

Research Suit

Survey for Every Season

If you can think of a reason why you’d want to gather data, then Qualtrics has the ability to bring that data to your desktop. Whether you are a large corporation looking to increase productivity or an academic institution wanting an easier way to track evaluations for teachers, classes and curriculum, or anywhere in between, you can find a purpose for creating a survey. The three main types of surveys are known as market, customer and employee. But don’t let this limit you into thinking that your needs can not be met. Within each of these categories, there are ways to evaluate satisfaction, understand your target market and ascertain an exiting employee’s motivation. Truly, there is a survey for every season!

The Results

This may be the most appealing draw when comparing different survey software. The ease with which you can view and analyze your results with a Qualtrics survey makes this the number one reason for selecting Qualtrics for your survey software. Not only can you collaborate with a click of your mouse, but you can view and analyze from anywhere with the help of cloud computing. You’ll never fear losing data because it’s possible to store it in a such a way that many or few have access, whichever suits you best. You can also decide what graphs suit you best and track how a specific group responded to the survey. In fact, you can filter survey results to the the most narrow subgroup needed. When you are ready to share, you can export the report to any major program and create a professional presentation in seconds.


Coming in as nearly a tie for the number one reason why Qualtrics survey software is the best in its class, is its professional staff (known as Qualtricians) and tutorials that help you become an expert in survey creation, distribution and collection. Their website contains a wealth of help topics, all under the heading of Qualtrics University, it truly is like gaining a specialized degree. They also strive to have live help on hand at most hours, so in the case that you are unable to find the answers you need on the website, which would be a rare occasion, their professional staff will assist in every way they can.

As should be plainly understood at this point, one need go no further than Qualtrics for any survey software need. Their product, and support, stands alone in the field as the best and brightest.

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      5 years ago

      Qualtrics customer service is amazing. When we broke our site multiple times today, they were just a quick phone call away and went well above the call of duty to keep us online. Thanks Qualtrics!