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Questions That Apple Hopes Are Not Asked About the iPAD

Updated on February 2, 2011

Here is an IPAD FAQ that Apple hopes few will ask about:

No, you cannot print from the iPad unless you get a third party application that allows for some printing capability and it is not a replacement for a real printing function. So, you just cannot print something you see on the screen.

Since the iPad has no USB port, you connect it to the computer as you use iTunes. The system is the same clumsy one used for song downloads.

You can get some docs into iPad sent wirelessly as attachments. This varies and may or may not work.

When the iPad's battery is bad, like the iPod, you have to toss it away and contact Apple for a new iPad with your new battery for a fee of $107 or so. Worse, is that any personal data you have is lost unless you back it up to your computer and restore it on the new iPad. It takes a week to get your replacement.

Like the day's before multitasking, iPad does not allow it at all. Thus, you can run only one program at a time, you can't listen to music streaming in while checking your email, nor can you view fresh Twitter posts while in another program. You can't play a game and check email or surf the web simultaneously.

iPad will not run any Windows or Mac application unless specifically created for it. The iPad uses the iPhone operating system, which is incompatible with Mac or Windows.

So, if the above are important to you, think again and reconsider other tablets.


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    • DevinG profile image

      DevinG 7 years ago from Redlands

      *sigh* multitasking is a necessity nowadays. Thanks for the hub!