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How Cutting the Cable Bill Helped Save Me Money!

Updated on March 10, 2015

Frustrated By The Cost

Recently I realized that my Comcast cable bill was out of control. My service included cable and Internet service at almost the bare minimum available. Even at the minimum, my bill still ran me about $100.00 to $130.00 including the slowest speed available for Internet service. I did not even have phone service included. In these tough economic times, i decided to dump at least the cable portion of my bill and try an HD antenna along with an analog to digital converter box and see what happens.

I decided to use the least expensive model antenna I could get from Radio Shack. I also found a digital converter box on the Internet for about $30.00 as the ones i could find in local stores were $50.00 to $60.00. I was surprised with all the HD channels that I received with the cheap model antenna. I live about 13 miles outside of Boston and I was able to pick up all of the local channels as well as multiple PBS channels. Although the number of stations was limited, it still gave me all the big broadcasters such as ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, and PBS stations.

I was quite happy to save a lot of money off my bill and still watch great television for free! I think it was well worth the small cost to get free TV. I estimate the money i will save per year to be about $720.00 ($60.00 X 12 months.) I think that it's worth the cut in stations to save that kind of money. It has cost me only $60.00 to install the converter and antenna. Now my Internet and phone service bill costs me about $40.00 to $45.00 per month.

For a long time I thought that paying for cable was the only way to go, but now I have found that I don't flip around the dial as much and stay on a show I want to see without changing the channel and forgetting about that show. It also motivated me to do other activities such as read and exercise and even helped me focus more on my family. I think the only thing I might miss is the "On Demand" service. But with Red Box, Netflix, and other such rental options, I can still get quality movies and shows at a fraction of the cost!

Since I was so unhappy with the service and price of Comcast I also switched to Verizon and received the Internet and phone bundle. The slower Internet and phone together is going to cost me less than half of my Internet\cable bill. I had not had a home phone for a number of years, but decided to make the change to give myself another phone option to cell phones. My next step is going to be trying to connect my Internet service to the television. I have heard that you can get other television programming and movie services for low or no cost. I will update this hub after I attempt it.


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