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Quitting Bubblews: Why I Have Decided To Quit Bubblews

Updated on January 31, 2015

I Quit Bubblews

I joined Bubblews years ago, back when payments could be redeemed at $25 and you'd get paid within days. Or they said you'd get paid within a few days, which I actually did, for the most part. However, fast forward to the present, I have decided to finally quit Bubblews for a number of reasons. If you want to know what my reasons are for deciding to say bye-bye to Bubblews, then read on.

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1. Introducing Sweeble: Huh?

What does Sweeble have anything to do with me quitting Bubblews? What's Sweeble anyway? First, Sweeble is a product the Bubblews is releasing. Well, it's an app, but it is completely separate from Bubblews. First, Bubblews has always touted on making Bubblews better and the way they have come off is that Bubblews was their main priority and they were trying to do something no other company has done before and all that kind of stuff. But now, now they are releasing an app that has nothing to do with Bubblews.

Bubblews is also being secretive about the app and as of now it is going to be an invite only type of deal, which make me think that Bubblews will just end up trying to profit from the app and forget about the site. Who knows, but these are just my opinions, and the whole Sweeble thing is enough to make me want to quit Bubblews.

2. Bubblews Played Favoritism With Featured Posts

One thing I noticed was that Bubblews has played favorites when it comes to featured posts. It seems that there was a stint when certain members posted something, all of a sudden it would be featured. I can give plenty of examples, but I just think it was ridiculous how some members would continue to be featured no matter what. Especially when some of them were brand new to the site and it was obvious they had some sort of ties to Bubblews, probably had ties I should say. At least this is what I think and it is my personal opinion.

3. Members Need To Link To Sources

I have noticed so many members give their opinions about current events and news pieces and that's fine and awesome. But, if you're writing about a piece of news, then link to sources. This is another reason why I have decided to quit Bubblews. Too many members just simply don't link to their sources, and I think it would be really helpful to readers if they did do that. This isn't a big deal or a top reason why I am quitting Bubblews, but nonetheless it still plays a little bit of a role in why I have decided to quit posting on Bubblews.

4. Not A Fan Of What They Did In Regards To Redemptions

First of all, Bubblews decided to let members know that they were not going to receive their missing redemptions that were made before a specific date in November, and they also cut down the redemption amounts that people were going to receive in the future.

This Is Just My Opinion

Everything I have discussed in this Hub are my opinions and personal thoughts and feelings towards Bubblews. With that said, I do hope Bubblews can managed to strive and become something great because the site had and still has quite a bit of potential to become huge, but it will likely take a bit more time before Bubblews can reach its fullest potential. However, I also think that Bubblews shouldn't have done the whole thing about announcing their official launch to the world and have talked about it to the media, only to end up telling people that they wouldn't be getting paid for certain dates or getting paid what was shown in their banks and history.

Will I be quitting Bubblews for good? Sadly the answer is yes. I just don't have a good feeling about Bubblews and even though I I like the site, I just cannot post there anymore for the reasons I stated earlier. I do wish Bubblews and the people running the show all the luck with Bubblews and their new app.

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