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RAC Route Finder and Planner Explained | Other GPS Alternatives

Updated on December 9, 2010

The RAC Route Finder and Planner

In these days of GPS devices and the like, it is nice to know that you can get precise directions to go pretty much anywhere in the UK using the RAC Route Finder. You can get absolutely perfect road directions for anywhere in the UK and Europe using the RAC Route Finder. This article is about using the Route Finder RAC Planner and also discusses various other options for planning your next road trip.

The RAC route finder has a great and simple interface that looks like what mapquest used to be. You simply put in your starting and ending address and you get route directions. You can choose between the quickest and shortest route. One other great feature of the RAC Route finder is the Interactive Map that you get when you use this service but we will come back to that in a bit.

Getting Road Directions

So, as soon as you punch your starting and end points, you get a results page with directions in nice large fonts. These directions will also tell you congestion charge information on certain roads. The RAC Route Finder and Planner is probably the easiest to use road direction finding website on the Internet.

RAC Route Planner Interactive Map

So once you get the directions using the RAC Route Finder, you will see two tabs on the top of the page. One will be labeled “Step by Step” and the other will be called “Route Map.” The first option gives you the regular directions page that you were seeing and the other will give you the actual Interactive Map. An easy way to zoom into the map is to simply double click it. Another way to zoom in and out of the RAC Route Finder Interactive Map is to use the little scroll bar type thing on the right side of the map.

You will also notice that there are options on the top left of the map shows you options that say “Map”, or “Ariel.” Clicking the Ariel option will give you a satellite view similar to what you get when you use Google Maps. The RAC Route Planner can help you find and plan the perfect route to get where you are going. You can even print out the Directions to your liking.

Get a GPS Already!!

You have other choices to find right directions to where you are going. You can always use Google Maps or Mapquest if they work in your area or you can invest in a GPS system. Of course, these cost money but they can get you out of a jam when you don’t have the internet available or if there is some road work or accident that is preventing you from taking your planned route. The RAC route planner is a wonderful tool but it still has these drawbacks. All in all, I would highly recommend using the RAC Route finder to find the perfect route to take. Happy Road Tripping!


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