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RD4 HD Groovebox - Best Android App to Compose Music

Updated on December 27, 2014

RD4 HD Groovebox


RD4 HD Groovebox

RD4 HD - Groovebox can convert our android device into a multi functional musical gadget. The multi-touch app allows us to compose music in a real-time environment. It is well suited for a newbie as well as a well experienced musician.

One of the cool features which make this app unique and best is a sequencer with play modes from 1 to 8 bars that can be easily adjustable. A real-time pattern based step sequencer is an added feature to that.

The layout of the app is fully customizable. The user can customize each and every portion that can make it eye catching. To connect external MIDI keyboards and controllers there is USB MIDI support. The Sound Cloud Sharing Kit is integrated which makes it something the best!

Users in Google PlayStore had reviewed as they spent dozens of hours enjoying making music while on the plane, in bed, on holiday! Once used, then sure you would be addicted!

Channel of Groovebox

There is a 4 channel rack Mixer with tap tempo controller and each channel having instrument selection. The real time recording of played notes and piano with multi-editing features really make the user experience excellent. That only given the app good rating in the market.

Special Features of RD4 HD Groovebox

  1. A perfect vlume control with level meter per channel
  2. Free assignable effects for each drum sound
  3. Direct audio effect channel assignment
  4. There are five audio effects with X-Y control field for each. They are:
  • Filter
  • Phaser
  • Reverb
  • Distortion
  • Delay

RD4 HD Groovebox by mikrosonic

Download the App from Google PlayStore

Download app from Google Play: RD4 HD Groovebox

This fantastic Android App is developed by Mikrosonic (the video above is uploaded by them)

Price of the App is US$ 5.99

The App has an Average Rating in Google PlayStore of 4.5

RD4 HD - Groovebox



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