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Updated on June 5, 2015

In this digital age, we believe every filmmaker must make their own web series. The primary reason being: more connection directly with the audience. That won’t hurt anybody right?

Vanessa Verduga is one such leading example of how to stick the right chord with the fans.

She could be called a modern day Wonder Woman with a law degree in the web series she created – Justice Woman, a smartly executed dramedy with a dose of humor.

The web short follows the story of an Assistant D.A. Sofia Escala who combines all her skill sets to fight against disenfranchised law and injustice that floats in the very system. She is determined to tackle real-life issues with the help her office-mate and sidekick, Robert (Roberta) Gallion.

Season 3 Episode 4 ‘Bad Boys ‘did leave us with more questions and we certainly hoped that the new episode’ Legal Love’ which was launched a week ago, would answer some of them.

Sofia comes face to face with her ex, Anthony. We always had a hunch that the reason she is single till date is because of she did go through awful hurt in the past. Anyway, now that she’s sharing the Happy Hour at the bar with him, she doesn’t feel like staying late for obvious reasons: the fear of unresolved feelings surfacing again. Also, because she is confronted by Ruby on her unique style of writing the letter J, the same style used to sign the letter that caused Judge Bernstein to re-open the big State vs. Jesus Lopez case.

Sofia leaves in haste, only to be followed by Anthony who later confesses that he still has feelings for her.

Anthony wants to talk about their relationship. The two sit down and have a long chat on reasons that ultimately led to their separation. We are taken into a flashback and we now know that he cheated Sofia with Stepahanie, his partner at new law firm. LOVE does take a toll in front a glamorous career for some, I guess. Sofia is more agitated when he says that he must have the engagement ring back (He says he might need it). This is atrocious, I say!

He later says that he was ‘young and stupid’ and wishes he could undo everything.

Knowing the fact that the engagement was just announced two years back, Sofia feels miffed and detached with his apology. She runs to the kitchen to avoid the conversation. He follows her and tells her more about how genuinely he feels about her and should get back for the good: in legal jargons. J

The scene is chucklesome as these two lawyers talk about love in lingos. ‘You know you’re the only one that has personal jurisdiction on me’, ‘Our love is Res Ipsa Loquitor’, ‘I’ll bear the burden of proof’and ‘You were negligent with my heart before,’ to say a few.

The following day we see Robert a little unhappy with the response to his letters from a Tv network, that says if he matches the number of Emmys won by them, they could consider valuing his opinion. Hehe

He asks Sofia about Anthony and if they were together the previous night. She tells him that Anthony and she had a talk about the past and that’s all.

Thank you for giving more insight to Sofia’s personal life.

Kevin barges in the room and the conversation is cut short. He also dismays on Anthony leaving Sofia, which hit us by a surprise, given the fact that these two can’t see eye to eye.

The episode ends with Juanito getting furious that his lollipop jar has been stolen. His words, ‘Sharing a title to the property in question’ and he being the physical custodian of the jar gives him the right to question on his lollipops. He does teach a thing, or two about law.

Nice ending to the episode, Vanessa!

There’s still so much to be answered. We wonder if Ruby is onto something, if Jesus will be served with justice soon, the mysterious woman and of course the identity of Justice Woman, if she can’t keep it a secret for long.

We hope the new episode will/should provide a few answers.


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