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RFID Advantages & Disadvantages

Updated on March 2, 2011

RFID Benefits and Advantages

Radio Frequency Identification is a prominent new technology today. Many wonder what would be the use of such a technology and how it would help improve our lives. RFID is a versatile technology and as a result can have many applications such as personal credit cards, passports, supply chain management and even in our libraries.

The benefit of RFID systems can be great if implemented properly. To illustrate how RFID systems can streamline processes for greater efficiency we will use a library as an example. Seen below are just a few ways the quality of library operations could be improved with a simple RFID system.

If you would like to know about the disadvantages of RFID systems you can check out RFID Disadvantages.

RFID Benefits: RFID Wand in Library
RFID Benefits: RFID Wand in Library

Advantages of RFID In A Library

 Increased efficiency in self-check-ins and checkouts. RFID technology is not like barcode technology. In fact, RFID readers don’t need line of sight and can read multiple RFID tags concurrently. Reading numerous tags at the same time means faster check-ins and check-outs thus leading to an increase customer contentment.

Automatic check-ins. People can place items in an RFID return-bin and then get a receipt showing that they have brought back books.

Improvement in sorting. An RFID wand can be used to easily and quickly distinguish books that are out of sequence. These RFID wands can even be configured to show where the misplaced book actually belongs right on the spot.


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