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RFID Disadvantages

Updated on December 22, 2010

Disadvantages of RFID

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is becoming a very popular tool in our modern lives. Having first been implemented within the retail and manufacturing environments; RFID chips can now be found in our credit cards. All major credit card companies such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa carry RFID credit cards. Many people believe that these cards pretty nifty and it is kind of cool to just pass the card over a device and it “magically” processes the transaction without even touching it. Credit card companies do not inform their customers that RFID chips in cards a very easy to hack and read.

In fact, credit card companies want to keep this huge security flaw a secret. Mythbusters, a popular TV show, did a segment that exposed the security weakness of RFID credit cards but were unable to air the segment because Discovery Channel would not let them. Why did they not let them? I mean, this would be great information for all consumers, right? Wrong! Since Discovery Channel is ad-supported and they make lots of money from big credit card companies the channel decided not to air the RFID security segment.

Disadvantages of RFID: RFID Reader
Disadvantages of RFID: RFID Reader

RFID Credit Cards

RFID technology in credit cards are a huge security risk because anyone with an RFID reader (can be assembled for $8) can read the card number, expiration date and your full name just by being next to you. The scariest part is that you have no idea! Imagine you are at a football game and someone with an RFID reader just has to stand by the doorway while you are leaving and voila! He now has your credit card information.

However, RFID is not all bad. Check out the benefits of RFID.


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