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Root Causes in Which Technological Advancement Is Affected in Some Countries

Updated on November 8, 2017
Masautso Chiwamba profile image

Masautso Chiwamba is a teacher and a computer scientist by profession. He has a Diploma in Education and a degree in Computer Science.

Technology can be defined as the practical use of our scientific knowledge to achieve a certain a goal. The advantages of technology cannot be overemphasized in this modern world. We have seen tremendous development in many areas for example communication. People are able to communicate easily by using different technologies that have been developed. However, there are few countries in the world which are advancing with technology while many are not progressing in putting this scientific knowledge to reality.

Most of these technological advancements start from the class. Therefore, in my own view the problems also start from the classroom level as well and then go to different stakeholders that I will explain later in this post. These stakeholders include community and governments.

How do students affect Technological advancement negatively?

First, we must note that we can't talk about technology without talking about science. Basically, subjects that make up science include Biology, Chemistry and Physics. On the other hand, Mathematics is a language for sciences. So, there are many students who label science subjects as being difficult. However, a closer look at this shows that there are certain things that students do which eventually bring about the difficulty.

Many students in schools engage in sexual relationships which affect their studies negatively. Therefore, instead of spending much time in reading their books, they spend much of their time in thinking about each other. In fact as a teacher, I have a vast experience on this matter. Besides, it is a known fact that most students drink alcohol and take drugs. These have negative impacts as students do not take their studies seriously and eventually they do not perform very well in science subjects and other subjects. This in turn delays any technological advancement that needs effort from these students.

How does government affect Technological advancement?

Good governance has a major role in the development of any nation. Most countries that are in conflicts face a lot of challenges as far as technological advancements are concerned. Most of these conflicts are caused due to the lack of governments providing the most important basic needs to the people. For example, if teachers are not given enough salary then they are not motivated to impart scientific knowledge to the learners.

Ironically, conflicts between nations may sometimes enhance the technological advancements as each nation tries to devise a mechanism for a defense. However, during conflicts or wars, knowledgeable people die thereby living a very big gap to be filled in as far as technological advancement is concerned.

In addition to this, failure by the government to train teachers in science may have the negative impact in the technological advancement. Therefore, governments should make sure that the people are provided with their basic needs.

How does the community affect Technological advancement?

Community in this context refers to the people around other people who are responsible for any technology. In some cases, the community may create a hostile environment that hinders any technological advancement. It is the responsibility of any person to make sure that issues concerning technology are supported fully. This may include material support. For example, if a computer technology is to be established, let’s say at area A, then people around that area must make sure to provide the place for that developmental project.

How do teachers affect Technological advancement?

In the first place, teachers are the key leaders in any technological advancement as they are the ones who impart scientific knowledge to the learners. As such, their conducts have a significant role in the way how learners acquire these skills. For example, teachers who habitually take alcohol even during lessons do not deliver to the required expectation as they lack time to prepare for the lessons.

Besides, the tendency by some teachers in making sexual relationship with students, contribute negatively to the technological advancement. Just like a student to a student relationship, most of the times students or even teachers spend much of their time thinking about the relationship instead of concentrating much on the learning/teaching process.

Although teachers indulge themselves into this behavior, there are rules restraining them from it. What is needed is for authorities to enforce such rules.

Furthermore, there is lack of competency in the delivery of the lessons that most teachers conduct. One of the major reasons for this is due to under-qualification of some teachers.

Reaching at this stage let me say that there is a need to make a lot of researches on the topic above. Indeed, researches should now focus on how technological advancement is affected instead of focusing much on the impact of technological advancement to our world today.

© 2017 Masautso Chiwamba


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