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Radio Shack Takes Pre-Orders For The New iPad

Updated on March 14, 2012

Radio Shack iPad 3

Now that Radio Shack has joined the ranks of Apple in taking pre-orders for the newest iPad, in-store only, not online, as March 16th approaches, the technology world is buzzing like a crazy beehive. Everybody wants the new iPad also known as “The new iPad”, “iPad HD,” and the “iPad 3”.

Radio Shack is offering bonuses to bring down the cost of your new iPad. You do need to purchase a $50.00 Radio Shack gift card to reserve your iPad and you can also trade in your used iPad 1 for $175.00 or your used iPad 2 for $350.00 with Radio Shack’s “Trade & Save” promotion.

The new iPad is taller and slimmer than its previous models and quite elegant too as it could easily be mistaken for a magical mirror. But the world isn’t anxiously waiting because of the tablets new design, they are simply waiting because it’s just another product from Apple. While Apple fans may be fascinated with the new iPad, the rest of the world won’t marvel at it as much because there is nothing really important to talk about other than the fact that it has the best screen resolution to date and that’s it.

Be sure to arrive at Radio Shack early, I’d suggest camping outside your local Radio Shack right after work on March 15th as Apple is famous for being short when it comes to supply and demand. The technology giant has not released any information about when more iPads will be available when the pre-orders run out because believe me, they will run out fast.


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