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Random Tip Of The Day - *No: 105* - The Best Ways To Back Up Work On The Computer & How To Recover It

Updated on April 24, 2013

The Nightmare Of Data Loss

I have always backed things up. It is something that has always come natural to me for many different reasons. However, recently, while under a little pressure. I made the choice to go ahead and throw something out. I was a little annoyed a week or so later when I found out that the back ups of this data I had been making were not fully backed up! Luckily for me, I had only missed the last back up and all the other data was safe. Sadly though, I lost a page of my data. I had the other 46 pages safe due to my "back up" nature. Phew!

Back Up Methods

I am of course speaking about computer data. Now this could be assigned to text, pictures, audio or computer code. Either way, you NEED to back it up!. I am guessing that you are sensible people and have been backing up. But sometimes the back ups we make can get lost or damaged.

When I save data on my computer I also make a back on a memory stick. These things are pretty cheap now and can be a life saver. I also send an email to myself and have it saved within my email account. That way, if I need it I can get at it wherever there is Internet. Everywhere basically.

If You Need To Get Data That May Be Gone Forever?

Well, the good news is this: data is always recoverable whatever you have done. The amount and the quality of this data is subject to the reason the data has been lost. If the computer was stolen, it is pretty much impossible to get it back. However, one clever trick I found for in fact tracking thieves down is, if they make the mistake of connecting your computer to the Internet without formatting it first. You may well have automatically connecting software that will log you into you applications on start up. These companies can be contacted, an IP address can be found and people can be caught. A friend once did this very thing after a thief insulted a person's friend on msn chat and gloated. The cops paid him a late night visit! someone also started to listen to music on lastfm, the person who had had their computer stolen and contacted the police. Anyway...

If the computer is still working but the data was just deleted from the computer and the recycle bin.. Fear not! it is really still there, on your hard drive but the computer just chooses not to recognise it and it will be wiped if the space is needed. It could still even be there after that space has been filled. Not sure how exactly. But it is.

If you take yourself here and follow the instructions on the page. Sorry, I do not want to re-word the instructions on the linked page. The page also lists a few programs you could use. This trick not only works on a computer hard drive but it also works on memory sticks and other data storage devices.


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    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      My computer died a little while ago. I backed up quite regularly but the week when it died I was busy I lost a little bit of work. I had been backing up regularly, though, it saved a lot of treasured memories and family photos, thank god.