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Ban Land Mines - Promote World Peace

Updated on October 13, 2013

Beautiful Princess Diana

Princess Diana cared greatly for her fellow human beings and raised much money for charity.  But probably her greatest legacy comes from her action to ban the manufacture of landmines world-wide.
Princess Diana cared greatly for her fellow human beings and raised much money for charity. But probably her greatest legacy comes from her action to ban the manufacture of landmines world-wide.

Is what you're doing harming people? Don't rationalize. Your heart will tell you if you are. If you're helping the production of armaments then...

Welcome to Ban Land Mines - Promote World Peace

A few years back we in Australia were horrified at what was reported as a “random and senseless act.” An little aboriginal child was approached in a school playground, doused in petrol, and his clothes then set alight. This horrendous act, which appeared to have no motive whatsoever behind it, shocked our nation. How could any one do such a thing? What sort of monster would target a little boy, a child unknown to himself, with the purpose of inflicting agony, and lasting physical and emotional scars- even death. This was a sadistic, heinous crime, almost incomprehensible. Who could possible do it?

Promote World Peace: are you assisting: or are you part of the problem?

Our world has enough natural disasters to cope with without our adding to them by laying landmines
Our world has enough natural disasters to cope with without our adding to them by laying landmines

Just because it's not happening right here, and to our people, doesn't make it right. Ban Landmines

As human beings we condemn such acts- and rightly so. But in this instance we condemned it because it reached our attention. It was news. The television channels, the radio stations, the newspapers, let every person in Australia know what had happened, and how it had happened.

The media does not do so with the 26,000 men, women, and children who are killed or maimed for life by exploding land-mines.

Impersonal, long-lasting malice made by Man. Shame on the makers!

Random and Malicious - Round, flat explosives buried in the ground

Yes, land-mines. Round, flat, explosives buried in the ground. Land-mines burn, maim, disfigure, cripple, kill, tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Every hour of every day, somewhere in the world, eighteen or nineteen people tread on a landmine. Many of these are children, little more than babies. Every few minutes some child is blown to bits, or loses its legs or feet.

Land-mines don't go away just because the war has ended.

Random? Yes. Senseless? Yes. Done virtually without motive. Yes? For a mine-field planted to inconvenience an advancing army in 1940 or 1950 or 1960 is still there to kill, main, or disfigure over half-a-century later. The mines don’t go away just because the war has ended or the army has moved on.

There can be no doubt that this form of armament is the ultimate example of senseless human barbarism.

Land mines: $3.00 to make, $1,000 to remove. Who benefits?

Today’s land-mines are made of durable plastic. They won’t even rust away. And we, the human species, is manufacturing them at the rate of 5 to 10, million a year. They cost a mere three dollars to produce Yet they can cost more than $1,000 to remove.

It is estimated there are over 100 million land-mines in the ground. There are estimated to be another 100 million land-mines stockpiled in various arsenals around the world.

Random and Malicious - But somebody's making them

The bulk of people killed and crippled by land-mines are children and farmers

The bulk of people killed by exploding land-mines are not soldiers, but children and farmers. Land-mines have become a global crisis.

So when we received news of another senseless, barbaric, slaying of a child- and blame it on its perpetrator- perhaps we should stop and think. What collective rage and hate do with have within ourselves that we can condone the use of a landmine- under any circumstances!

Land-mines, like mustard gas and triangular bayonets should be band into perpetuity. Ban them!

Landmines, like triangular bayonets, or mustard gas, or thermo-nuclear weapons- should be banned. They should not be allowed to be produced.

Early this year, the Australian Medical Association, along with the International Federation of Agricultural Producers and several International Charitable Organizations, put pressure on our Federal Government to ban land-mines. On 15th April 1996, the Australian Government put a total ban on the use of such weapons. We don’t make them anymore.

Cheap and NASTY. Nasty in original intent. Worse as a leftover when the war has moved on. War historians need to add the victims of left over and unexploded ord

Random, malicious, killing and maiming for life.  Are you a manfacturer?  Are you benefiting from this?
Random, malicious, killing and maiming for life. Are you a manfacturer? Are you benefiting from this?

Ban the bomb? Of course. But don't forget to ban the wide.

It is a start. But it is only a start. For not until we can ban the manufacture of such arms world-wide, will the random, senseless, horrific acts of violence against our children come to an end. Or, to put it another way: The random, senseless acts will end, only when we start being specific, and making sense.

Princess Dianna purpose - to ban landmines

Princess Diana was one of the most loved persons in the world. At her tragic death the front gates of Buckingham Palace had never seen as many flowers and probably never will. But she wasn't loved for her fame or her beauty or her importance in having once been a 'Royal.' She was loved for what she did with her life as far as endeavouring to make the world in which we live a happier and more peaceful place. And probably nothing exemplified this more than her dedication to having the manufacture of landmines stopped.

War is deplorable. The legacies of war even more so

I had a grandfather who fought in the First World War and who came home a cripple. He spent the rest of his life from 1918 until his death nearly forty years later either in an upstairs room alone and in bed, or occassionally in a wheel chair. This is one sort of legacy war brings. But at least he was a soldier. What about those who never intended to fight? The innocent civilians caught up in the maelstrom? And far, far worse, the children who become 'damaged goods' and 'collateral damage' from these wars.

The dangers left behind when a war is over linger on. And among all those lurking, long-lasting dangers is the landmine. May they be forever banned.


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