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Random google search + results

Updated on October 19, 2012

I thought I would write about some goggle searches I decided to do for this new hub and see what interesting things I found on the way. Everyday anywhere you could be walking down the street and hear some complete stranger utter the words GOGGLE IT so I have decided that I want to do a hub on goggle searches just random from the top of my head so read and enjoy.

First thing i decide to type in the famous goggle box was

1 QWERTY-the top most common letters on a keyboard and at the no 1 top spot was the meaning of QWERTY by wilkepedia.

2 INFECTIOUS DISEASES-no surprises here to who topped the list with this search and it was global which explains a lot about virus, diseases and other infectious stuff.

3 VIRUS BIKE-what came up on the top of the list was some ones face book profile called virus bike.

4 POB-this was some kind of children's t.v channel.

5 JACOBSON'S-this turned out to be some American clothes, apparel company

6 PAINT- this was a free software program for art.

7 HALLELUJAH-yet again it was wilkepedia beating everyone to the top again with info on a song written by leonard cohen

Wilkepedia seem to have a big presence on goggle don't they.

8 I have decided to go onto some of the websites to see what is on them so here we go-BUDHI- this got me onto a website about a book a journal of ideas and culture

9 BIZZARELY WEIRD- found a website called and it was showing a top 10 list of bizzare tattoos.

10 PROMINENTLY EXPENSIVE- found a website explaining to people where to live in australia

Next I decided to do this with goggle images.

Qwerty keyboard

Infectious diseases

Virus bike

Pob character

Jacobson clothes

Paint software

Hallelujah singer

Budhi screen shot

Bizzaredly weird

Prominently expensive

I could go on and on but just try it your self and you find all sorts of stuff on goggle seen as though it is the biggest search engine in the world.


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