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Realizing the Benefits of Unified Communication Solution

Updated on May 18, 2015

Unified communication (UC), as the name suggests, is a practice to unite communications into a single solution to help your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners communicate in a seamless and cost-effective manner. If you are still not aware with UC, or if you haven’t yet integrated a unified communications solution into your business model, you may be missing out on enhanced productivity, reduced cost and an better professional presences.

What is unified communication?

UC is the union of voice, audio and data services and software applications to attain greater partnership among individuals or groups, which augments business processes.

Various components of UV include:

  1. Video conferencing
  2. Unified messaging
  3. Smartphones
  4. Presence technologies
  5. Instant messaging

Unified communication combines business messaging and real-time services into one single integrated application. Today, an array of companies provides value added enterprise unified communication platforms to businesses to run seamless communication within the organization. One of the advantages of using UC solutions is that it makes communications within the company easy and seamless by enabling everyone within the organization to remaining connected, irrespective of their location.

Benefits of Enterprise Unified Communications Platforms

The main objective behind UC is unification. Unified communication solution offers enhanced productivity, reduced overhead cost and improved collaboration across companies. By uniting telephony and business data on a single network, it enables firms to combine and use voice, data information in their common business practices, also by streamlining whole instant communication tools.

What you need to Consider ?

  • Features
    Businesses especially small enterprises should consider several factors when looking for a UC solution. Primarily, identify the key features you’d like to have, for instance routing voice mail to email, speech recognition, VoIP integration, etc. Once you have discovered your needs, look for a solution that let you integrate calendars and scheduling, or that let your employees work on a single platform simultaneously, and then give a final thought whether your business needs these features.
  • Scalability
    Most essentially, consider scalability. Consider investing in a system that offers you a large selection of additional components and software as per your need. You may not need some features at the moment but you may need them in due course of time, hence look for a solution that is scalable enough to expand as your small business grows.
  • Round the Clock Connectivity
    Irrespective of the package you ultimately settle for, UC will help you locate your employees connect whether in the office, onsite or meeting, or even on the road. UC solutions are ideal for businesses that involve frequent employee movement. UC solution enable businesses field more mobile workers, know their where about and do away with obsolete solutions like landlines.

Are you ready to get started

The benefits of UC solution are clear, but like any other solution, proper research and planning will decide the way your organization collaborates and communicates. Take an open-minded approach towards different solutions available in the market.

Final Word
Enterprise unified communications platforms are getting bigger and better thanks to enhancements made possible by mobility and cloud computing. Businesses, irrespective of their sizes can now control, monitor, and capture unified communications with the help of cost-effective unified communication solutions. Last but not the least, consider security measures—your employees communicate through so many channels and devices, so be sure to build a corresponding secure solution along with UC solution.

Most importantly, seek assistance of professionals whenever required. Always choose a solution provider that is known for providing cost-effective solution along with a comprehensive after sale support.


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