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Really Useful Android Apps

Updated on May 25, 2012

Apps That Work Really Well

Top 10 Picks

I love apps and I'm constantly looking for new ones. After downloading scores of them and then discarding them, I've been able to compile some easy to use useful ones that really, really do what they say they do. All of these apps are free. Some have paid upgrades but work great as free apps. Everyone has a top 10 list and here's mine. This is a to do app that syncs with your both your phone and Google calendars. It's easy to customize and use and has a widget for your main screen. When you have completed a task, just swipe and a line crosses it out.

ES Task Manager This app is phenomenal. Simple and easy to use, it has a widget that you can place on your main page and simply press to stop apps from running when your phone is not in use. It also cleans out your cache. In the past, I had to go into settings and review each application and clean the cache one by one. Now I just go into the app, press clean cache and regain huge amounts of MBs within a few seconds. You can also customize your phone's startup manager.

Screebl This app works on the premise that you can save your battery life by setting your screen to go black at the shortest time setting. However, when you are using your phone, you have it at a normal angle that the app recognizes and keeps your screen active until you lay the phone down flat. Set ES Task Manager to shut-down apps when your phone is not in active use and really save on battery life.

Go SMS Pro This apps makes SMS really, really fun. Not only can you personalize your app with really fun wallpapers, but open the app and flick the screen and it'll revolve to its application center which features themes, a private box to hide your messages from prying eyes, SMS scheduler, a filter folder, favorites folder, a screen shot folder and more. Flick the screen again and you are taken to your list of contacts. This app also has a good selection of smiley faces and other icons to add to your messages. I've downloaded a lot of SMS apps and this is the first time I've kept one. You do have to download the main app, the emotioncons app, and the wallpaper app to enjoy all the features, but it's well worth the downloads.

Apps Organizer If you download as many apps as I do, you probably have very cluttered main pages. I had 5 main pages going. I downloaded several folder applications, but discarded them all when I downloaded this app. What it does is automatically arrange all of your apps into 7 Icon folders for easy identification: Starred, Multimedia, Games, Internet, Tools, Android, and Other. The automatic categorization was really accurate and except for a couple of preference changes (long press on the app within the folder and an option to assign the app to another folder[s] presents), I feel no need to make any extensive changes. Basically, I'm down to one page to access all my apps. It's so accurate, that I know exactly which folder to go into to find any app within seconds for use. So instead of having dozens of ugly, plain folders and app icons cluttering my desktop, I'm down to 6 icons on one page containing all 140+ apps on my phone.

BlackList/Mr. Number Annoyed by unsolicited phone calls? Well, both these apps do the job and are very customizable. Both apps block callers you don't want to speak to and you can set the apps to notify you that a number was blocked or not. I have both because I can't make up mined which one I like best.

Lookout Security & AntiVirus Lookout backs up your photos, call history, address book and other data securely on its website. It scans new downloads for viruses, locates your missing phone with GPS, and allows you to remotely wipe out your data. Check out their website and real life stories of how people have tracked down thieves that made the mistake of stealing their phone that had the lookout app. (If the thieves decide to photograph themselves with your phone, you'll have some nice information to give to the police!)

Dropbox Is cloud storage for your data. Download it to your phone and pc desktop and never lose your data again. Sync it with KeepPassDroid password keeper and you have a very powerful tool to store your passwords and to create complex passwords to keep your information safe.

KeepPassDroid This app is fantastic. Sync it with Dropbox and you will never lose a password again. After tediously manually inputting information in password keepers only to lose information when switching phones, I searched in earnest to find a password keeper that was safe and secure and would sync to my desktop and I found it. Sync this app with Dropbox by setting the app on your phone to open in Dropbox. Save as any changes in the app, whether made on your phone or desktop, into a folder in Dropbox and they will appear on all of you devices. What I especially liked was I could easily use my computer to set everything up rather than typing on a tiny phone keyboard. Still using "password" and your pet's name for all your accounts? Just use this app's password creator to create secure passwords with letters, numbers, caps, characters, and symbols.

YouMail This app has been around for a while and it is still one of the best apps that I've ever downloaded. It is probably the only app I've kept through numerous phone changes. Youmail is a answering machine for your phone. Do you know your carrier charges you for calling your voicemail? Download YouMail and your callers can leave a message that you can listen to on line or from your phone. Another neat little feature? The app will answer your call and refer to the caller by name without you setting anything up. They also have paid upgrade features, but the app works just fine as a free app. You can customize your greetings, block spam calls, save your callers' information on line.


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    • Paulie profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I do plan to do a top ten games list as well! Thanks!

    • iefox5 profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for the recommendations. It would be even better if you may introduce us some games


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