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Reaping the Benefits of a Hosted PBX System

Updated on August 28, 2012
VoIP PBX Systems
VoIP PBX Systems

VoIP – Choosing the Way to Go

As an Internet-based technology, VoIP can be implemented in several different ways. The flexibility and unmatched features of this new voice communication technology has enabled it to obtain quick adoption amongst businesses and it is only now that it is taking up the mind space of customers in the retail sector due to the rapid proliferation of smartphones. As a business, you will want to customize your VoIP solution to best suit your needs. There are basically two ways to go. Either you can purchase, maintain and upgrade all the VoIP hardware yourself and take on all the headache of hiring specialized VoIP administrators to manage it, or you can outsource the job to a third-party who will do it for you.

The rapid growth of the hosted PBX VoIP sector proves the fact that on premise VoIP systems are on their way out. Only the very large corporations who have strict data policies and are able to implement their own VoIP solutions efficiently will be able to compete with the professional services offered by experts. This is not very different from the web hosting market. After all, how many companies own their own servers in their own data centers. Answer: not many.

The benefits of letting someone else with experience manager VoIP infrastructure are many.

Cost Savings and Ease of Management

To start off with, going the hosted VoIP route doesn't require you to purchase any specialized infrastructure straight off the bat. At the very most if you want to convert your existing landline phones into VoIP enabled ones, you will need to purchase devices known as ATA's which can convert digital voice signals into analog and vice versa. Most of your employees these days will anyway have access to smart phones that you can use to download VoIP applications and connect to your SIP service provider.

If you want the true VoIP experience on landline phones, you will have to purchase specialized VoIP phones that are dedicated for this purpose. They are far more feature-rich and can directly be connected using an ethernet cable to the Internet without any go-between. These phones will automatically download and upgrade themselves and apply the latest security patches as and when necessary. In short, you need to do precisely nothing apart from managing your bandwidth and to ensure that VoIP has sufficient Internet space to operate. This is something that your IT administrator will easily be able to take care of.

Over the long term, a hosted PBX VoIP solution will save you vast amounts of money not to mention allowing you to sidestep the headaches and problems of managing your own complex IT systems. You can easily find a local provider to convert your Philadelphia phone systems into VoIP. There are even solutions for VoIP fax systems in case your organization is heavily dependent upon this technology. Contact your ITSP to find out how you can get started in less than 15 min.


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