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Responsible TV Buying Guide

Updated on November 18, 2011

Do you really want to buy another TV? Aren’t you buying based on impulse? If you haven't made up your mind yet, here are reasons to consider before buying another one.

1. Cost

The first thing to consider when buying anything is cost. If you have something to spend on in the near future, you may want to keep your expenses low. Also, although new generation TV sets today consume less power, it will still have an effect the electricity bill.

2. I recently bought a new one

3D Televisions have just been released and now there’s another generation of TVs being marketed. While it is good to stay up to date in terms of technology, if you have bought a new one within the past year, consider foregoing buying for another year. After all, new generation TVs are still a bit under the development stage. Buying at a later date might give you a TV with more features.


3. I have other more important things to buy

Maybe you have other things to buy other than a TV? You may want to check your kitchen or room if you have other things that you need. Maybe you need a new vacuum cleaner or dish washer. Or maybe you want to learn to cook. A food processor will be of much help.

4. There’s no space for it

Having 3 television sets in one room is not that good.

5. Am I buying it on impulse?

Impulse buying usually happens when you shop around and you’re mind was somehow set on “buy everything mode”. Before buying something, or in this case, another TV, take a deep breath and ask, “Do we really need this? Did I buy too much already?”

6. We already have enough TV

We have 2 TV sets in the house and we bought them in case one of us wants to watch another channel. But, I think 3 TV sets are too much.

7. I'm not fond of watching TV

If you consider watching TV as just a waste of time, then buying another TV may prove to be just an added expense. There are many things that we can do to be productive aside from watching TV. Buying another TV might take that productivity away.

8. TV affects my life – negatively

The list about the negative effects of hours of watching TV is long. If you or a family member is negatively affected by watching TV, it is not suitable to buy another one. Prolonged TV exposure are linked to obesity, violence and stereotyping.

TV sets today are equipped with advanced technology and it is a bit tempting to buy a new one. However, there are still those who get disappointed with their brand new TV because their expectations are not met. There are also those who bought televisions because of the new features but did not make use these features later on.

Buying another TV set is good if you need one but not if you have enough already. If you really want to buy that new TV and can’t help it, why not sell the TV you have now first before buying a new one?


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