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Recycle & Turn In Used Printer Ink Cartridges At Office Max & Earn Recycling Rewards Back

Updated on March 29, 2013

Earn Rewards With OfficeMax Ink Recycling MaxPerks Program

OfficeMax, the office supply store is one of several places where you can recycle ink cartridges and earn rewards. Even though there are many terms and conditions attached, recycling empty ink cartridges is one way many people are saving money and making ends meet in a bad economy.

OfficeMax's ink cartridge recycling program is a part of it's MaxPerks rewards program. You don't get cash back, but you do get rewards back. You can receive $3 in rewards for each used ink cartridge and toner you turn in, up to 20 per month. That $60 is a very nice reward and it helps the environment too. You can turn in more than 20 used ink cartridges but OfficeMax will only reward you for 20 per month. That is their monthly limit. It should also be noted that you must be a shopper with OfficeMax in order to get ink recycling rewards. Your ink recycling rewards are associated with your qualified purchases with OfficeMax. The rule is that your recycled ink cartridge reward can not exceed the amount of your MaxPerks qualified purchases. In other words, you can not just only turn in used ink cartridges without making OfficeMax purchases. Also, the use of a previously earned recycling reward does not count as a qualified purchase.

How To Recycle Ink Cartridges With OfficeMax

  1. To earn rewards for recycling ink cartridges, you need to sign up for the OfficeMax MaxPerks program. You can apply online or visit your local OfficeMax store.
  2. To start earning rewards, take your used ink cartridges to your local OfficeMax store. OfficeMax accepts HP, Dell, or Lexmark ink and toner cartridges. Be sure to present your MaxPerks ID when you submit your ink cartridges to receive proper credit.
  3. The OfficeMax store associate will examine your used ink cartridges for any physical damage before ringing them up on the register. You should be given a register receipt of the transaction for your records.
  4. The transaction of your submitted empty ink cartridges will post to your online account in 2-4 days.

Recycle Ink Cartridges For OfficeMax Rewards
Recycle Ink Cartridges For OfficeMax Rewards

How You Get Paid For Recycled Ink Cartridges

You are paid with rewards that you can use to make OfficeMax purchases. Here's how you get paid. At the end of each month, OfficeMax will review your MaxPerks account. ++Your rewards will be issued as a dollar amount. It will be posted to your online account electronically by the 20th of the following month. At that time you can log into your account online and print off your reward as a reward card. Then you can use it at your local OfficeMax store. Present your reward card at checkout and the reward amount will be subtracted from your purchase.

You can also use your reward on an online order or when placing an order over the telephone. **When your reward is posted in your online account, it will expire in 90 days. The expiration date will be displayed in your online account and on the printed reward cards. Expired rewards will not be reissued.

Notes: **Rewards issued for Florida residents will expire 1 year after it's issued. ++Recycle rewards are based on your qualified OfficeMax purchases. For example if you have $30 in qualified purchases and 12 recycled ink cartridges, you will only be rewarded $30 at that time. Your remaining 2 recycle credits will be in "pending" status until you make more qualified purchases or it will zero out at the beginning of the following year.

What You Can Buy With Recycle Rewards

Your MaxPerks recycled ink cartridge rewards can be used to buy any merchandise sold by OfficeMax. You can not purchase gift cards with your rewards. Neither can you use your rewards as payment for any kind of a credit account. Rewards can not be transferred, sold, or given to anyone else. You can only use your own earned rewards.

Have Questions About OfficeMax Ink Cartridge Recycling Program?

Please see the OfficeMax MaxPerks website for complete terms and conditions governing it's MaxPerks and ink cartridge recycling program. It is recommended that you stay updated by reading the website's frequently asked question section and the full terms and conditions. If you need further assistance, you can call and speak to an OfficeMax customer service agent at their toll free phone number 1.866.MAXPERKS. 

Important Recycling Program Tips

Keep your address and other contact information updated. Stay updated with terms and conditions of any recycling programs. There are usually limits and restrictions you must abide by. You want to guarantee that you will receive proper rewards for your recycled printer cartridges. Read the small print. 

OfficeMax states that they can make changes to the program at their discretion with or without prior notice. It is very important to follow all of OfficeMax MaxPerks terms and conditions. They reserve the right to close any accounts involved in fraudulent activity or which uses the program in a manner inconsistent with their terms and conditions.

Pros & Cons of OfficeMax MaxPerks Ink Recycling Program

In comparing OfficeMax MaxPerks ink recycling programs with Office Depot and Staples' ink recycling programs I've determined the following pros and cons.


  • You must make qualifying purchases to receive recycle rewards.


  • You receive $3 for each used ink cartridge.
  • You receive rewards electronically.
  • You receive rewards by the end of the following month of submitting them.

Recycling Facts:

Statistics say one million used ink cartridges are thrown away each and everyday.

These ink cartridges end up in the landfills where it takes one thousand years for the plastic components to breakdown.


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