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How To Recycle Computers? - The Simplest Ways

Updated on April 13, 2011

It is always a serious task to separate the useful or operable units or parts of a computer from the overall defected or useless parts. Sometimes they are found to be simple – We can do it of our own but not always possible since some complications are involved in more effective recycling.

It just simple thinking and adding with the creativity part i.e. needed in making useful and wonderful things out of them. The recycling process has been showing new levels lately. The more the unwanted things there are the more are the useful one’s coming out of it all collectively can go in very well and get blended to come out as a amazing things indeed to be kept for along time in the house.

Recycling must be made a normal activity within a person’s life as surrounded with lots of them. By time the new one’s get termed as old pieces and get replaced after throwing the old one’s out and immediately as quick s possible. The recycling isn’t a hard thing to get involved with as many imagine it be and not dealing with it as it needs.

Most common things that can be recycled in a computer include monitors, hard drives of your PCs etc. Today there are a lot of advanced computer recycling and disposal techniques available out there. Even your most important file which is in a corrupted state in your defected hard drive is possible to recover today using such techniques of advanced computer recycle. Though it fails to provide 100% recovery the chances of recovery and recycling seems to be more than ever before. 

The first thing to be kept in mind must be before recycling using the things wisely and not without any sort of unnecessary means making the recycle process not worth it as it would have been if the situation was out of proper need. Using things whenever needed and until they get down completely is vital before going for replacement. The waste material needs proper disposal areas too and always understanding the difference among wastes as solid and liquid wastes. Liquid waste can be disposed to the ground and the made use too as manure and energizers to plants. But the solid wastes needs better management as recycling helps.

The making use of the simplest of the resources available around you and getting wasted can be first one to be targeted, the water flowing out or to the round water without any possible use of it. Water when seen in such state can be made to go to the plants and trees in any in your compound by making channels according to the proper need. The waste water management is another way of recycling too.

The reusing of the small and avoided things like the used papers as the covering agents, the plastics bottles or tin cans as to serve the purpose of storing or collecting anything small or huge, the polythene covers not to be thrown away as using them in decorative purposes, the glasses like bottles, mirrors etc to be used as the attractive and creative models through art works.
Use of the clothes or making them alternatives can help in a great deal to the recycling too. The pattern creation or coloring of the m with dyes can be of significant use too.

There are a lot of things that can be of such delightful applications and would not only make one get relieved of the wasteful items but also the leisure time gets well used of and indeed giving satisfaction with the work outcome. But what happens when it comes to parts and unites of computers? You cannot make it as arts and crafts works.  But still, you have multiple ways by which you can make use of them. It is always advisable to contact your nearest recycling unit to know more about the possibilities of getting some useful stuffs out of the defected or junk ones.

The repairing and maintenance of the gadgets of the electronic, mechanical and similar categories can save a lot of money and time too. One can also give a try to repair them but keeping the safety in mind first.


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    • realfree profile image


      7 years ago from Indonesia

      I love this topic. We can safe our planet.

      Let's support the Stop Global Warming campaign.

      Best regards,

      Komang Setiabudi

      Please visit:


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