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Recycling for Kids

Updated on December 3, 2012
Teaching Kids to Recycle through Example
Teaching Kids to Recycle through Example

Utilizing Good Parenting in an aim to Promote Recycling for Kids

Our planet is slowly turning into a wasteland, well, maybe not, but will be if we don't start teaching our children how to look after our planet's resources. If we are sometimes too busy to act, then our children will never learn. They learn by copying. We have to teach our children how to tend the world they will soon have responsibility for. This might sound like a big responsibility for such young people, however, sometimes complex problems can be solved by simple solutions. And their simple minds could be better programmed to learn. Let me show you how.

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Can We Recycle Paper?

Paper is one of the most commonly used materials your child's hands will use at school and at home while he is learning new skills. Paper actually makes up 29 percent of municipal solid waste (MSW). It is never too early to teach your child about the math of percentages and the importance of recycling for kids at the same time, how fun is that?

There are a dozen or more things your child can enjoy doing with it rather than crumpling it after use. It can be used in the making of origamis, paper roses, moulders for sculptures and paper vases. It can be used as wrapping paper for gifts to be given to family and friends, cut into a card size and write your message before you send it, and so much more. If he gets bored with it, he could just collect it and send it to the paper mills. There is a great number of paper mills in the U.S., that's where they collect your used papers to make new ones. Let's save the trees and get the paper mills to work, shall we?

Newspapers also have other purposes aside from awareness of current events in our society. After father puts the newspaper away in the morning, rather than throw it away, look for ways for your child to use it in his play or craft work. Milk cartons and juice boxes: when washed can become houses, garages or blocks. Children have a great imagination, encourage them to use it in their play with recycled items. There are a lot of innovative ways to recycle materials of these kinds. Let your children maximize their creativity, which will enhance their mental abilities, and equally as important, their awareness of recycling waste products.

Instead of buying shiny toys and cars that cost lots of money, try encouraging him to make his own using these recycled supplies from home. It will help to create a cleaner world that he will live in. Refillable bottles or flasks: by using these we will use less natural resources and also produce less waste.

Recycling for Kids

Do you think it is important that we teach our kids to recycle?

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Can We Recycle Aluminium?

Aluminum: the money-making metal. Collecting used aluminium cans can help teach your child how to earn some pocket money, and also teaching him about recycling our natural resources in a positive way. Or if he has a bigger heart, you can encourage your child to donate the money earned to nonprofit organizations. Your child is able to start helping other people in simple ways. We won't be wasting anything with recycling. So, let's start getting those soda cans in the bag!

Can We Recycle Plastic?

Plastic: We have so many things made out of plastic. And this has become one of the major problems that we need to consider. Most people know that it is non-biodegradable, which makes it so important that we tackle this issue and do everything we can to recycle it. Most plastic has a symbol on the bottom, telling us that it can be recycled, we need to take note of this, and encourage our kids to look for it also, to help them in learning about recycling.

There are many different options in making recycling for kids fun and productive. We just have to use our imaginations in order to unleash theirs.

Do You Recycle and Do You Teach Your Kids?

Do you teach your kids to recycle?

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Good Recycling Habits
Good Recycling Habits

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    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 5 years ago from Neverland

      This is a timely Hub because March is recycle month! :) I wasnt aware of this until my daughter brought home a paper from school with a graph on it. She has to track her recycling for the entire month for a special assignment. I will show this to her in the morning before school so she can learn about all the different ways children can recycle and have a positive impact on our world. Welcome to HubPages - your Hub is beautiful and interactive. Please let me know if I can help you with anything or if you have any questions.

    • Stigma31 profile image

      Stigma31 5 years ago from Kingston, ON

      Excellent article and great message, the world need to promote recycling on all levels, most importantly our children. It is their up!