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Red Gage a Fun Social Networking Site

Updated on December 19, 2010

The Upload Anything Social Networking Site

Is RedGage a strange bird with bugs, or is it a fun social networking site where you can upload unlimited neat stuff like blogs, photos, videos, documents and links and get paid?

It's both.

Do you want the world to see you fall off the edge of a pier on vacation? You can do that.

How about writing a 300 word opinion on a bad restaurant? That's good.

Got photos of Buffalo at Yellowstone? Upload all.

And each qualifies for payment with enough views.

How easy is that for passive income?

Oh, yeh. The bugs.

RedGage has bugs. For the time being, we can blame that on RedGage looking for a new identity and updating features. Hopefully, you can learn enough about RedGage in this article to get around the quirks and begin enjoying yourself at this social networking site.

RedGage Pay

RedGage pays you a set amount for each 1,000 views, whether it’s photos, documents, links or videos. Each member is paid a different rate per 1,000 views. Why? I don’t know.

There’s also a “bonus” paid for completely unknown reasons.

For example, the document “NBA Schedule for Dec. 18” earned a bonus of $2.25. Why? Who knows...

Meanwhile, a recipe for bean soup is awarded a $4.20 bonus, while a recipe for potato soup gets no beans.

E-Mail Maze

When you sign up, RedGage sends you an activation e-mail that you never get, and you’re constantly warned that “You need to confirm your e-mail address. Click here to activate.”

Ignore that. You can go merrily along and upload all kinds of stuff without submitting the non-existent activation code.

When you first try to sign into RedGage, you’re told that your user name and password aren’t recognized, with a big RedGage “Hmmmm” after that. Ignore that. Click “upload” on the RedGage home page, and you’ll be presented with another sign-in box where you can enter your user name and password and successfully sign into your account.

RedGage urges you to e-mail its “contact us” address should you have problems, but nobody is home because your e-mails are never answered.

Understanding the RedGage Rosetta Stone

The RedGage TOS is a city block long with mouse print and lawyer gobbledygook. I don’t know if disclosing the rates is allowed, so I’ll make it up.

Joe, my fictional RedGage character, is paid a rate of 50¢ per thousand views. Joe has uploaded 10 photos and has made 5¢ for 100 views in the past week. That’s five-tenths of a cent per photo that he’s earned. Remember, each RedGage member is paid a different rate per 1,000 views. And not every photo earns money. It’s based on how many views each individual photo accumulates.

So if photo No. 1 sees 100 views, Joe will earn about five cents. The views, apparently, accumulate. If over a year’s time, Joe’s photo No. 1 gets 2,000 views, Joe will earn a dollar over the year. If photo No. 2 gets 1,000 views over that same year, Joe gets fifty cents. See how it accumulates? If photo No. 3 gets 10 views over a year, Joe earns nothing. You must cross a numbers threshold for each photo before money is paid, even a penny.

This means photo No. 1 and photo No. 2 make money while photo No. 3 makes nothing.

So if Joe uploads 1,000 photos, statistically, he should make about $50.00 in a year. Upload 10,000 photos and statistically he’s raking in $500 cash per year. So if you have 10,000 photos to dump, go for it.

A RedGage Crap Shoot

Be forewarned, though, that uploading takes time.

Uploading photos is a crap shoot. Sometimes it works; sometimes not.

Here’s what you do -

To upload photos, or anything else, you go into RedGage and try to sign in, which you can’t do. Remember? Hit “upload” on the RedGage homepage and that’s the backdoor to sign in. Sign in and a big black “upload” box appears. It doesn’t say it’s the “upload” box, but it is. Trust me. Here’s what it looks like:

RedGage's Upload Box

RedGage upload box
RedGage upload box

Filling Out the Upload Box

The “upload” box has five categories on the right side. They are:


Hit photo because that’s the only one I’ve tried. Type in your title in the “Title” box.

Next is “Tags.” Throw your keywords in here.

The Description box is similar to the summary box in HubPages. You only get 250 characters, so omit needless words. Since we’re doing photos, use the description box as the place to write a cutline.

After that’s all done, hit “Browse” and pray. This will open the files in your computer in order to choose a photo. Choose your photo. Now hit “upload.”

Your photos are deposited into your homepage in the default collection.

Repeat this process until all your photos are uploaded.

RedGage Spinning Ball of Death

RedGage has a spinning ball of death, equivalent to Apple’s spinning colored beachball of death. RedGage’s “beachball” is called “processing.”

After you hit “upload,” hope you don’t see the word “processing” for more than 5 seconds. If it says “processing” for a long time, be assured it will process your photo for eternity or until you go to bed and wake up the next morning, whichever comes first. I suspect that the Red Gage crew is on Christmas vacation and they’re running a backup Atari network that doesn’t like uploading more than five bytes a day.

profile box in RedGage
profile box in RedGage

Your Photo Groups Should go into Collections

Photos are organized into “Collections.” It’s recommended that you use “Collections” to group photos by subject or theme. There’s a trick to that and I may or may not have it figured out.

To start a new collection box, hit “profile” on your home page. It’s up near the top of the page. This takes you to your “Profile” list. Here, to the right, is what the “profile” looks like.

Create Collections Box

Now click the word “collections.”

That takes you to Create Collections box. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

Create Collections Box

Click Create

Click the word “create.” That will bring up this box:

Collection Box

Fill in the Boxes

You’ll see title. Title your new collection. Next is “Tags.” Add your keywords in “tags.” Finally is “Description.” Provide a description of your new collection. Read carefully now or you’ll miss this. I did first time.

Scroll down the screen and find a little box that says “Browse.” Hit “browse.” This allows you to add a picture to the description of your collection. So if your collection is “My Favorite Dogs” you can add a picture of your favorite dog to the beginning of your collection. If you don’t do this, that section is filled with your description of that collection instead of a picture.

Finally, you add your pictures by clicking the “add” button on specific collections. Hope for the best. If you want to cancel a photo from a “collection” there’s an “Edit” button next to your “collections” that allows you to “move” and “add.”

I haven’t tried either button because I’m still exploring.

When you’re done, your photo collection should look like this in your profile page:

If you see a bunch of copy instead of a photo, that means you goofed.

Go to bed. As I said, you’ll need to experiment. RedGage, for me, is definitely a Beta experience.

The Pay-out

The payout floor is $25.00. And you’re paid via a Visa card with the money deposited into your card. I’m far away from my first payout. If I get one, I’ll write another Hub and tell everyone that I had no idea what I did to earn $25.

There appears to be no discernible method to make money on RedGage. Some pictures make money, some don’t. You’ll need a spreadsheet and a good eye to determine what makes money. Or you can try a photo dump of 1,000 photos and see if the statistical model mentioned above holds up.

Keep in mind that RedGage has bugs. And it’s a puzzle. But it does offer fun if you like figuring stuff out. It also provides an avenue to dump a bunch of stuff. So you can experiment, fool around and play to see what works.

You can write a 400 word "Document" on whatever - your dog, the sun, the moon, your vacation, a brownie recipe - and make money. Same with photos. Every vacation, every barbecue and every soccer game ever recorded as pictures can be shown to the world.

Think RedGage, think unlimited.

Once all the kinks are worked out, it could be another paying site hubbers can use.


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    • SMD2012 profile image

      Sally Hayes 5 years ago

      Thanks for this Hub. I just joined Red Gage and plan to sue it as a place to showcase, **ahem**, dump, some of my photos. I figure since Flickr doesn't pay me, why not put my photos up on Red Gage. Hope your earnings have improved since you write this hub. If you are still on, I'll try to friend you. Cheers! - Sarah aka "sarahhappens"

    • Moonmaiden profile image

      Fayme Zelena Harper 6 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

      I just joined RedGage. So far nothing I've tried to upload has worked, but maybe it takes a while to show up.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      Interesting. Thanks for the info. I had heard of Red Gage but had no idea what it was about.