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Reddit's Sub-Forum /r/Microsoftsoftwareswap

Updated on August 22, 2015


The first thing I want to say to you the reader is thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article. So let's begin of what this Reddit sub-forum is all about. As the title suggest, this is a place where you can buy any Microsoft software starting from Windows 7 cheaply. Be warn though isn't the place where you get the actual software, but a place to buy the product key which in turn allows you to verify with Microsoft that the software you have is legit and not pirated. Moving on,when I mean cheaply I mean like up to 80% off the normal price that you would see normal retailers or Microsoft sell these software at. How could these sellers afford to sell them so cheaply and still make a profit? All the sellers on there buy from a direct wholesaler in bulks which is a lot cheaper than buying one individually, then selling it individually to you and me at a super competitive price.

Scams and Sellers

I hope I didn't get you to excited with my first paragraph in the article. Some of you might be thinking this is too good to be true, but believe me it's true. Yet this sub-forum has its flaws and holes. There are story around the web where I have encounter where people said after 3 months purchasing the keys Microsoft deactivated the key. What happen there? The seller they probably bought it from, probably got it from a pirated source and sold it to their customers and when Microsoft found out they automatically deactivated the key. There are sellers who sells you a key and will never answer your message for a new key because they're going to lose money that way.

One of the biggest thing many people overlook when looking through the sub-forum is the verified seller tag. The tag means nothing for your security as the only thing the tag does is tell people that the person has the right to be selling the product keys on there. The only way to check if a buyers is legit is to check the comments and reputation. One of the most trusted seller If you are right now wanting to go there and buy a key is s5ean. Not only is he a seller with a amazing reputation, but a moderator who many have bought from trust him. Another way to verified that a seller is legit is look at the place their ranked as they are usually paired from most trusted to meh.

This is part of what you well see when you enter the site.
This is part of what you well see when you enter the site. | Source

Buying Process

When you have selected the buyer you want to buy your keys from, the first step is messaging your buyer and asking him what you want. Some buyers offer discount for a combo like windows 8.1 and office 365. Those who have this combo are always open up to suggestion of your suggested combo and may be willing to give you a discount. Another way to get a discount is to buy a bulk of these keys, in which the buyer will give you a discount or lower the per key price.


Payment varies from seller to seller, but most will accept bitcoin, paypal, google wallet, credir/debit card, and a few other secured software payment apps. You well have to message the buyer first and tell him what you want to buy and the payment you want to use to complete the transaction.

Tips and Notes

1. Always and I mean ALWAYS read other people's comment about a seller as you can learn a lot about a seller from just 1 comment. A good source is the public announcement comment.

2. If a offer is to good to be true, it's to good to be true. A good example is "I will give you the key you wanted for free if I don't delivered it in 24 hours. BIG FAT NO!!! A good seller will always tell you they will do their best to delivered it in 24-48 hours and if they don't PM them.

3. Remember don't think that verified saler's tag will protect you from scam as it is nearly just a indication that the seller is allowed to sell on the sub-forum.

s5ean's software key pricing

Windows Product Keys
Windows 10 Home
Windows 8.1 Standards
Windows 7 Home Premium
Office 2013 Professional Plus
These are some of the Product and prices that s5ean is offering. For full list visit here

Comment, Questions, and Concerns

For any comment, question, or concerns relating to the article please put them in the comments and I will replied back as soon as I can. Do you see a flaw or wrong info in the article? Please kindly put them in the comments and I will revise the article. Again, Thank you for taking time to read this.

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