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Refueling on the go

Updated on February 25, 2014
Split Fuel Tank Gas Trailer.
Split Fuel Tank Gas Trailer.

Having access to fuel wherever you are might be something that you think isn't a possibility, but thanks to gas trailers, it is.

Gas Trailer Breakdown

Gas trailers are a portable refueling solution that allows you to transport fuel and use it to refuel equipment, vehicles, machinery, and anything else that requires fuel to run wherever you may need it. If that means you need fuel up at the cottage to keep your ATV's and dirt bikes running, that's not a problem since you'll have gas you need by having a gas trailer in place. Or, if you need to bring fuel with you to a construction site far from a gas station, that's not an issue either as long as you have a fuel trailer on site.

Some other situations where a gas trailer would be useful consist of:

  • When you're boating. No longer will you have to drive your boat somewhere to get fuel.
  • At the race track to refuel your race car or other competitive vehicle.
  • When you're flying, providing you with the fuel you need to refuel your small aircraft.
  • When you're ice fishing, hunting, or camping to keep a generator running.
  • At a construction job site.
  • When you're logging.
  • On the road during cross-country road trips to keep from running out of fuel.

Fuel nozzle with fuel meter.
Fuel nozzle with fuel meter.

The Specifications

The Specifications
What makes a gas trailer a portable refueling solution is because of how one's designed. One will typically have three main features:

  1. A Fuel Tank - This is where the fuel itself is stored. Typically, a fuel tank will be crafted from a non-rusting metal, like aluminum, and can be a single or double layer. It is obviously enclosed and has a gas cap that can be unscrewed, which is where you fill it with the fuel you need whether it be gas, diesel, or kerosene.

  2. Fueling Components - These are similar to what you would find at a gas station including a fuel nozzle, hose, and fuel meter.

  3. A Trailer Apparatus - In order for a gas trailer to be mobile, a trailer set-up is needed that features a stable axel, forged frame, wheels, lights, and the necessary electrical wiring.

A close up look at a portable fuel trailer.
A close up look at a portable fuel trailer.

The Options

With fuel trailers, there are a variety of selections that you can pick from to match the fueling requirements that you might have.

For starters, portable fuel trailers come equipped with fuel tanks featuring different storage capacities. Some can hold as little as 20 gallons of fuel where others can hold 55 gallons of fuel. If that's not enough, there are also those that can offer you 110, even 150 gallons of storage space. So, if you want to keep a large amount of fuel on hand, you easily can.

In addition to the fuel tank storage capacity choices, mobile fuel tank trailers vary in other ways as well. For example, there are those that have manual fuel pumps and some that feature electric ones if you don't feel like working at all to fuel up your vehicles or equipment. Also, there are those that come geared up with a fuel transfer system, which safely lets you transfer fuel from one piece of equipment to another or one vehicle to another without you having to do any siphoning yourself.

A fuel trailer ready to be shipped.
A fuel trailer ready to be shipped.

Some Gas Trailers Are Better Than Others

One thing to keep in mind is that not all gas trailers are created equal and that some are manufactured better than others. So, it's important to really research the gas trailer that you're thinking about purchase and there are a number of different ways to do just that, which are pointed out now:

  1. Go online and see what information is out there on the topic. This is pretty simple to do since all you need is a computer and internet access.

  2. Find a dealer near you that has gas trailers and get information on them from the dealership. While there, make sure to ask the sales rep questions to really get a feel for the product.

  3. Ask people you know who have this refueling option their opinion on their purchase. Talking with people who have used a product is always a good way to get information about it.

A solid place to start your search for a gas trailer is to visit At Gas Trailer, you will be able to find some quality information on this portable refueling equipment option including specifications, photos, and other helpful information.

Roll cage.
Roll cage.

Further Meet Your Fueling Needs With Add-Ons And Upgrades

On top of how there are different gas trailer selection to choose from, there are also other add-ons and upgrades you can get to further meet the fueling needs that you have.

For instance, if you're going to travel a lot with your fuel trailer, you can get marker flags with LED's to ensure that you're seen on the road with your gas trailer. Or, if you're working in a neighborhood that you're a little leery of, then you could purchase a lockable security fuel camp to prevent fuel theft.

A few of the other add-ons and upgrades that are available for the Gas Trailer fuel trailers consist of:

  • Fuel Meter with Filter Combo
  • Roll Cage
  • Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Kit
  • Split Fuel Tank Upgrade
  • Double Wall Fuel Tank Upgrade
  • Branded Badge Label Plates

It Just Makes Sense To Own A Gas Trailer

At the end of the day, it just makes sense to own a gas trailer because by doing so, you always have access to the fuel that you require when you need it. It's a portable fueling solution that would be a solid investment so do not waste any time and start planning on purchasing one today through Gas Trailer. You'll be glad you did with the time, energy, and money you'll end up saving.


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