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RegAce System Suite Review: An Easy to Use PC Optimizer

Updated on October 18, 2013

RegAce Rating

4 stars for RegAce PC Optimizer
RegAce System Suite
RegAce System Suite | Source

There are hundreds of various computer speed up programs and system optimizers for Windows available today. Some of them are free, whereas other cost up to $50 per copy. RegAce Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer is a system optimization suite that is designed to make computer cleanup and Windows repair as easy as possible.


- ease of use

- advanced optimization tools

- lots of registry repair options

- backup and restore functionality


- somewhat old-fashioned interface design

- no disk defragmentation tool


RegAce is a program that addresses the main aspects of computer cleanup, Windows repair and system optimization. When the first version of RegAce was released, it was just a basic registry cleaner. Nevertheless, it did the job pretty well and never resulted in any system errors or conflicts. The latest version of the program featured huge improvements and the addition of several computer optimization tools. Today's RegAce is a full-blown system optimizer that does a really good job.

Main screen
Main screen | Source


RegAce System Suite has six computer cleanup, repair and optimization tools:

PC Optimizer

Basically, this is the registry cleanup tool. It scans the Windows registry, identifies obsolete and corrupt entries, and offers the user to delete them. While registry cleanup is a pretty dubious PC optimization technique that can often do more hard than good, running RegAce's PC Optimizer tool on my computer did speed things up a bit.

System Cleaner

This tools is a really useful one because it can find and delete junk files. Deleting various temporary Internet, system and application files can free up gigabytes of disk space and significantly improve computer performance.

Internet Optimizer

This feature is quite useful because it can speed up your Internet connection. No, it won't make your slow plan super fast. But it will optimize Windows settings to match your Internet connection. On my computer, the speed increase was tiny, but that's because my connection settings like TCP/IP window size were already optimized.

Service Manager

Now this is a tool that can help you free up a lot of system resources by disabling Windows services you don't need. An average home computer doesn't need all the default services running, which means that they do nothing but waste system resources. RegAce allows you to select a computer usage profile and optimize your services according to the way you use your computer.


Sadly, this is not a disk defragmenter. RegAce doesn't have one. But this feature is very useful too because it defragments and compacts the registry. Since the registry is kept in computer memory, keeping it as small as possible will make your computer faster.

Manage Startup

This is a standard startup management tool that allows you to control programs that start on Windows boot.


A backup utility that lets you back up your system settings before running optimization. Just in case, you know.


Running a scan
Running a scan | Source

I ran RegAce's tools one by one to see if they made any difference. While the registry cleaner didn't improve the performance of my PC a lot, the System Cleaner did find a lot of junk files. And letting the Service Manager optimize my running services was a good decision that resulted in a performance increase. All in all, I was satisfied with the way RegAce did things because my computer started running faster.

Ease of Use

RegAce is exceptionally easy to use. Basically, all you need to do is follow the program's prompts and click on buttons. Even though the program's interface is a bit old-fashioned, it's very intuitive and straightforward. Even a novice computer user won't find any problems using RegAce.

The Bottom Line

RegAce is a good quality program that does improve computer performance. Even though it lacks an important tool like disk defragmenter and looks a bit old-fashioned, it still does the job well. And that's the main thing.

© 2012 Snurre


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