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Registering Google Voice Outside United States

Updated on September 20, 2012

How To Bypass Google Voice (Outside U.S.)

This article deals with how to bypass the Google Voice set up for those located outside of Canada. Google Voice is a free full featured VOIP service offered by Google. This service is geared towards and only available to American Google account holders.

For those looking to Register outside the continental United States, this article will provide a workaround around in order to bypass the restriction and successfully complete the process.

First of all you must register for a Google account. Proceed to to register your account then continue.

  1. Once you have successfully registered your account navigate to
  2. Download and install 'Hot Spot Shield' from the project homepage
  3. Once completed, launch Hotspot and hit connect. From the newly initiated window browse to
  4. Link and register Google Voice with your created Google Account
  5. After you select your desired American based telephone number you will be asked to enter your specified forwarding number
  6. Google voice will recognize Canadian numbers with a 403 area code as being American. Therefore by obtaining a Calgary based number and entering it into this field, you have essentially tricked the registry server and will be allowed to complete the sign up process.
  7. What must be done now is to acquire a 403 based phone number. You will have to search for a free VOIP service and decide which service best suits your needs
  8. is one out of many alternatives. Similarly you can chose to register with a free inbound American telephone number. is a resource for provisioning such an active inbound phone line.
  9. If outside the states however, it is suggested to register using a 403 area code so that the forwarding of calls is not compromised. Simply register your chosen VOIP and input your acquired 403 number into the GV registration form
  10. Once your sign up is complete your account and GV phone number will be active and ready to use. You will have to adjust your forwarding settings from inside your preferred VOIP client.
  11. From these settings you can forward calls from your Google Voice 'forwarding number' to a landline or cell phone.

Further Notes:

- You can also forward SMS messages from your Google Voice inbox to your Gmail account. These changes can be made from your GV accounts settings page

- GV allows you to have transcriptions of incoming voicemail messages automatically sent to your Gmail inbox

- GV allows for unlimited inbound text messages with a cap limit on outbound SMS to combat abuse and spam.

- From GV settings you can forward incoming calls to your Google Chat (Gtalk) account and pick up those calls from within Google Talk

- For further functionality download the Google Voice app available for Blackberry, IPhone and Android. (Check links section for direct download listings)

Three-Way Forwarding Explained:

The process of having registered a forwarding number is a pivotal key point in the structure of free calling behind Google Voice.

  • When you place a call on your Google Voice account you must ensure that your settings are configured to 'Forward' the call to your Google Talk account and you must be signed into both services simultaneously. What this does is force the call to come inbound to your computer as an incoming call. From here you would simply 'answer' this incoming call and then be connected outbound to your dialed telephone number.
  • When you receive a call to your Google Voice number this triggers a forward to your chosen forwarding phone number. From the settings of the forwarding number you could specify another number for example a cellphone to forward those inbound calls over too. By doing this you route the call out from the forwarded number to a chosen number. This allows the receipt of free incoming.
  • From within GV settings you may specify your preferred forwarding method as either 'Home' or 'GTalk'. If 'Home' is selected ensure you have placed a 'permanent call-forward' from the account options of your VOIP client directed to your mobile device. This provides capability for your mobile device to receive your incoming GV calls directly.
  • If you are dialling from a computer, and you have selected 'GTalk' as your forwarding method you must ensure you have signed into Google Talk at the time of placing an outbound call. The call will then be routed back as inbound and may be answered through Google Talk.

Google Voice for Blackberry, IPhone and Android:

- Google Inc. provides a Google Voice app for Blackberry, IPhone and Android devices.You may browse to from your device for a full list of supported apps and official direct download link.

- GV for IPhone available 'Free' in the Appstore at the following link:

- If you experience issues installing the application or receive error messages pertaining to download location or unavailability, you may try switching your user agent to FireFox and restart the installation. Otherwise manually search and install the IPA, APK or .ALX/OTA file.


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      DM 5 years ago

      Cool! Now I can get a GV number to use with my OBi100 Google Voice phone adapter gizmo!!