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Relationships and Social Media

Updated on April 27, 2017

Should you mix relationships and social media?

Should social media platforms rule your relationships? I saw today on Facebook a woman was upset because her husband had not changed his Facebook status to married. Now be honest how many woman would really get mad over that? I am going to post a poll on this hub for you guys to leave your response to that question.

I find it ridiculous myself. I mean yes my status on my Facebook and all my other social media platforms say that I am married and my Facebook states to whom. But why get upset if your boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance/fiancee, husband/wife does not have it listed on their social media platform that they are in a relationship with so in so, engaged to ms whats is, or married to mrs i'm so pretty. Why does it matter so much? I mean you know that you are together at the end of the day? Like my husband say you each know who you are coming home to so why worry?

My response to the worried wife on Facebook this morning went as follows: "Honey does your life revolve around your social media? I mean your are still married whether your profiles on here say it or not. Your social media is not everything. My best friend and his girl kept their relationship off Facebook for over 2 years before posting they were in a relationship but still never saying with who only their closest friends knew the details. My point is relationships seem to work better when the social media outlets don't know every detail of your lives. Whether you guys both have it posted that you two are married or not on here know you two are married. He knows hes married and you know hes married."

I mean why does it matter? I just do not get it. I don't understand do you not trust your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, fiance, or fiancee to be responsible enough or faithful enough to tell so and so or whats his or her name to get lost that they are married or dating or engaged. Cause if that is the issue than maybe you are with the wrong person.

I mean I was raised to trust have confidence in myself and the man I married. I was raised to put God first in my marriage, because with God first in my marriage my husband and I can conquer all hardships.

Relationships are not meant to be paraded on social media websites. They are not meant to be shown off as if they are trophies that you have earned. Because a relationship is not a trophy that you earned/ It is something that you constantly have to work at it is hard it is hard-work It is fighting and making up and fighting again just to make up again.

Marriage and a relationship is getting to know your significant other daily their little flaws and big flaws. Getting to know their perks and the things that make them happy. The things that make them sad and the things that drive them crazy. Marriage is feeling lost and having your significant other there to comfort there just at the right moment. Marriage is feeling as if you could strangle each other but working through because you love each other so much.

Marriage is loving each other to distraction and driving each other crazy. Having that kind of marriage or relationship has no place on a social media platform in my opinion.

What is your opinion of an amazing marriage? Does it belong on a social media platform?

Relationship Status....Social Media Platform

Would you be mad if your significant other didn't change their status on their social media platform?

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