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Remote Access Servers

Updated on June 17, 2010

What is a Remote Access Server?

Remote Access Servers, or RAF for short, are what we call the things that allow remote access tools to work. RAFs can be made up of a combination of hardware or software. Remote Access Servers bring several communication pieces together into a single group. All the computers hooked up to remote access servers can access some centralized program or even a central operation system. This can all be done virtually.

Remote Access Servers are used when multiple users need remote access but are not linked up on a Local Area Network, or LAN. Every user can access files remotely and also print, as well as other functions.

See How Remote Access Servers Look

Setting Up Remote Access Servers on Windows 7

  1. Go to the control panel and find Network and Sharing Center
  2. Go to Change Adapter Settings and click on New Incoming Connections (wa la)
  3. Through the Internet (of course)
  4. Go on to Allow Callers Access to my LAN


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