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RemoteScan - Using and Troubleshooting Scanning Via Citrix

Updated on June 25, 2011

Installing RemoteScan

This is a quick guide to using and troubleshooting RemoteScan software, which is required by some software to scan into an application published with Citrix.

To begin, licenses for the software must be purchased at the RemoteScan website. Please note that there are discounts available for purchasing multiple licenses in a single order. Licenses are sold on a per-PC basis. One license will need to be purchased for each PC that will be scanning into the application. Once purchased, the licenses can be transferred only in very limited circumstances, so be sure to be certain of where you want your licenses applied before installing the software. After making a licensing purchase you will be assigned a user ID and password for the website, and given a link to download the software.

Next comes the installation. The same software package will be installed on your Citrix servers as well as the PCs that will be using scanners. There is no licensing purchase required for the Citrix servers, and the software should be installed on each server that is hosting your application. When you install RemoteScan on a PC, the software will initially be in evaluation mode. You will have 14 days to use the software before the license needs to be applied. This is useful to make sure that everything works smoothly before registering your license.

A TWAIN compliant scanner is needed in order to work with RemoteScan software. The scanner will be installed normally on the local PC, and can be tested from Windows. With the RemoteScan software installed on both the Citrix server and the local PC, the scanner can now communicate with the application hosted on the server. The RemoteScan icon in the taskbar will alert you if the scanner can not be found (it will have a red "X" over the icon.) Your scanner should now be available to use with your application.

Troubleshooting steps will vary depending on the application and scanner you are using. In some circumstances when scanning no longer works, you may need to exit and re-launch the RemoteScan software on the local machine. If this fails to correct the problem, you may need to power cycle the scanner. From my experience with using the software for the past few years, it seems to be very reliable. It works quite well and any problems with it are easily resolved from the steps mentioned above or contacting their support.


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    • profile image

      Joe Abramson 8 years ago

      We've been using RemoteScan for for the past five years on over 800 PCs, and it is excellent software. I've just completed my tests of RemoteScan Enterprise with Windows 7, with XenServer as well as Remote Desktop (Server 2008) with various Fujitsu Scanners (5110 family), and things worked flawlessly, including the central scanner management features which are new.