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Remove Samsung phone lock / Pattern Lock code for free

Updated on October 19, 2013
Samsung phone lock (a.k.a security code, user code)
Samsung phone lock (a.k.a security code, user code)

How to remove Samsung's 'phone lock'

The 'phone lock' is actually NOT a simlock and it also known as:

  • 'user code'
  • 'security code'.

It is similar but not exactly the same as 'pattern lock'. This code is set by the user but often forgotten. If forgotten you need to reset this code in order to access and use your phone again. There are many sites where you can pay to have this done but there is also software to reset or read (depending on the model) this code for free.

The standard code for a phone lock is 12345 or 00000000 (8 times zero), this code is saved on the phone itself (thus not on the sim).

Please also don't confuse a phone lock with a PIN code. The PIN code (personal code) is saved on your SIM card and is normally only 4 digits (however it can be up to 8 digits).

If your phone is asking for something like 'Network Unlock Code' or "Network special code', "network unlock pin" or anything with 'Service Provider' this means you have a SIM lock which is something different. Check the resource links at the bottom of this hub for the website where you can remove the simlocks.

Note that resetting / removing the phone lock is in no way illegal. Most Samsung phones can have their phone lock reset / bypassed by the normal original USB cable that comes with the phone, however there are some exceptions that need a special cable.

Instructions to remove phone lock

Ok, so now over to the instructions on how to remove the phone lock. The instructions can differ a little per phone model however you can play with it as this function will NEVER damage your phone.

Software direct download: Samsung Client

If you have an Android phone with a Pattern Lock on all you need to do is:

  1. Leave the phone when pattern code is being asked,
  2. Connect with your USB cable
  3. Start SRS software and login
  4. Select your model
  5. Press 'rescan' button
  6. Hit the 'User code reset' button and it will bypass the pattern lock screen.

Also see the Youtube movie further down!

Then the general instructions:

  1. Make sure to remove the simcard
  2. Turn phone on and connect phone to your computer using the USB cable
  3. Windows shouldn't ask for drivers.
    If it does, press cancel and disconnect the phone and download: 'Samsung drivers'
    Then run the Samsung driver installer. Restart the computer and connect phone again.
  4. Run the SRS software
  5. Login using your SRS login or using the test login 'test' - 'srs'
  6. Select your phone model
  7. Click 'rescan'
  8. Click the 'User code Reset' button
  9. Ready! You user code is now 00000000 (8 times zero)

Removing Pattern lock

Remove user code


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      Krnjevac 3 years ago

      I have samsung star II gt-s5260 and it's not on the list.Why???

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      good job

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      good job

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      Samsung grand unlock code

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      my phone is locked with pattern how to reliase