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Remove "Sent from my iPad" Email Signature

Updated on February 9, 2013
Let's remove iPad signature
Let's remove iPad signature | Source

When you send an email out using your iPad 2, it puts by default an email signature "Sent from my iPad" at the bottom of your email as advertisement. This occurs even if you are sending a reply email back to someone.

Many people do not even know that this signature is inserted at the bottom of their emails. The recipient of your email may at best don't care that you have an iPad, and at worst may think the signature is obnoxious.

Personally, I don't think Apple should put default email signature like that. Especially when the sender may not be aware of it. What is worst is that the recipient may actually think that the sender is the one who put the signature there, when in fact it is Apple who inserted it there.

Imagine the recipient receives an email from someone and sees at the bottom of the email "Sent from my iPad". If the recipient is not familiar with Apple's practices, how would he/she know that it was Apple and not the sender who put it there.

Not just the iPad is doing it. But iPhone's are doing it, and Blackberry's are doing it, and others. That is too much.

Read the blog post and comments linked here of people's reaction on these types of email signature. The commenter did not even know that there had been a signature inserted and took another four months to figure out how to change it.

Based on the number of posts about "how to edit my iPad/iPhone signature" type of question on forums, it appears that the steps to remove the signature may not be obvious.

Remove the iPad 2 Email Signature

Let's just remove the iPad 2 signature. It should be the first thing you do. And here is how.

1. On the Home Screen, tap on "Settings" ...

iPad Settings
iPad Settings | Source

2. Then tap on "Mail, Contacts, Calendar"

Mail Settings
Mail Settings | Source

3. See the "Signature" field shown above. Tap on that and you will be able to edit the signature.

4. Better yet, just tap the "Clear" button (see above) and it will blank it out.

5. Tap the back button to go back to the mail setting page and you should see an empty signature.


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