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Removing Malware from Computer

Updated on June 3, 2013

Malware, Virus Removal

Malware removal is probably over 75% of my business these days. Its pretty much inevitable that your computer will be infected by some sort of malware especially if you use the web and email. No matter how careful you are, its the nature of the beast...or should I say...the nature of the internet. I have tried pretty much every product on the market and not one is completely fail safe either for protection or detection. I do prefer and personally use ESET Smart Security. I find it a great over-all solution especially the firewall option(s).

If you suspect your computer is already infected, here are a few FREE products that I have found do a remarkable job (when used in conjunction) removing malware from customers computers.

Here we GO...

Malware Detection Protection & Removal
Malware Detection Protection & Removal
  1. TDSSKILLER from Kaspersky. This scan is FANTASTIC and detecting and removing Rootkit viruses and it only takes about 1 minute to scan.
  2. HITMAN PRO. This is another GREAT scanning tool. In my experience this scanner detects malware that pretty most all the rest miss. They give you a 30 day trial but I would recommend you purchase the paid version and use it as a "second opinion" solution. You can read what "second Opinion" mean by clicking HERE

  3. MALWAREBYTES. This is considered by many to be one of the BEST overall malware scanners out there and I would agree. While I prefer HITMAN PRO you can never go wrong using this product as well. I do recommend you run the updates prior to performing a scan and choose FULL SCAN.

4. TREND MICRO online scanner. This is another worthy scanning tool that I find is a GREAT addition to the detection/removal process. A+

Other Options:

  • HiJackThis. This is a very powerful tool but not for the faint at heart. It can get a little complicated for the lay person. You can find some good videos about this product that may help in the process.
  • Sophos Scanner. Another great product that you might want to try.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions feel free to use the COMMENTS section below. Thank you!!


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