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Rent A Coder

Updated on August 27, 2010

What is Rent A Coder?

Have you ever had that tough programming project that you just couldn't complete yourself? Do you have a ton of website business ideas but feel limited by your lack of knowledge on PHP, HTML, MySQL, etc.? Getting stuck in web design issues and website challenges is frustrating- I know because I've experienced it plenty.

Or maybe you're a programmer looking for work. Do you need to expand your portfolio and make some money at the same time?

There's hope! Rent A Coder is a website that specializes in matching freelance programmers with anyone who needs customized programming. They also offer services for graphic design, translations, writing and other services.

In this article I'll provide a review of rentacoder com.

Standard Rent A Coder sign-up page
Standard Rent A Coder sign-up page

How does Rent A Coder Work?

Here's how Rent A Coder Works for buyers:

You sign up for their FREE account, then simply post your project or question. According to their website, each program request receives an average of 12.4 bids within the first 24 hours! In other words, once you post your need, 12+ people (on average) will respond with price quotes, comments, questions, etc! And the beauty of it is that there are no obligations! In fact, you could reject all bids if you wanted.

Each freelance programmer that posts a bid doesn't get to see competitors bids, so they will price it as low as they can to win your service.

When you've found the programmer that you want to go with, you simply put the funds of the project into an escrow account and the programmer is paid after the job gets done. It's a safe, effective way for both parties to not get burned.

What Services does Rent A Coder Offer?

RentACoder offers a ton of freelance programmer services for buyers / bidders. Here's a short list of what is offered:

  • PHP Coder services
  • Freelance Programming services
  • Freelance Web Design
  • Outsource Programming
  • Flash Programming
  • Program Modification
  • Custom Software Design

Since the programmers are international, the project possibilities are almost limitless. With jobs I've posted, I've seen bids come back from Denmark, Romania, India, U.S. and elsewhere across the globe. (As of right now, there are over 260,000 coders in the coder pool!)

RentACoder: From a Buyer's Perspective

Rent A Coder also has lots to offer programmers. Here are some of the perks:

  • Funds are put into escrow so you won't be left "high and dry" for a project
  • Free arbitration / mediation services in case something goes wrong
  • Rent A Coder . com only takes 15% from income, but they also recently rolled out a new program where they only take 12.5% if your buyers pay into the escrow account via a bank-to-bank wire transfer or a check sent via snail mail
  • Great opportunity to build your portfolio, resume and experience (and while earning money along the way)

If you program flash, PHP, Java, C, C++, Perl, etc, give Rent A Coder a try. Right now there are several thousands of open bids waiting to be won! offers a wide variety of services and is a great way to either find an offshore or domestic coder or to earn income creating custom software programs.


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    • profile image

      Ian Ippolito 7 years ago

      Peter Brown,

      Thanks for an interesting and through overview of the site. Since you posted this we've changed to and have been adding on things to the site at a rate over 100/month. For instance, we now have a pay-for-time application that lets you monitor your worker's desktop and webcam. This is priced 10-35% lower than competitors. We've also introduced numerous other features such as sub-accounts, site wide IM, and too many to detail here:

      If you'd like more information or have any questions, please don't hestiate to let me know (or anyone here...we are available 7 days a week).


      Ian Ippolito

      Founder and CEO of vWorker

    • profile image

      Ian Ippolito 7 years ago

      RentAcoder user,

      I'm Ian Ippolito, the CEO of vWorker.

      >>Unfortunately that's not true anymore. Coder threaten violence and hacking, refuse arbitration testing and are allowed to continue without comment. What's more if a buyer takes a project into arbitration for not delivering anything at all by deadline or responding to multiple polite requests for updates the coder can now punish the buyer with bad feedback

      Of course I can't pull up your records because you have not left any information that would allow me to know who you are and see what happened. I can say that a worker (just like an employer) who refues to follow instructions in arbitration not only loses the arbitration but forfeits their account. And also, if you win an arbitration, the worker cannot put on bad feedback (perhaps you did not win your arbitration?).

      Anyway, depsite this, if by some chance we did make a mistake of any kind on your arbitration, I will publicly apologize to you here. On the other hand, if you're posting innaccurate information (for whatever reason) then we cannot overturn the result, because that would be unfair to the other party, who justly won it.

      To being this process, please let me know your screen name and your arbitration URL (you can also email it to us or call it in) and we will make the entire arbitration public record so we can talk about it transparently and openly.

      Ian Ippolito

      CEO and founder of vWorker

    • profile image

      Markis 7 years ago

      I am sorry, but I will have to disagree with "rentacoder user" and would have to say some of his comments are "outright lies" and should be considered slander. How about posting this so called "arbitration" so we can see these things. I have used Rentacoder for over 100 projects. The biggest problems I find is that MANY coders just place bids without understanding the project. They don't ask questions.

      Many of the buyers (including myself) are not expert writers, so it is the job of the programmer to ask the questions. To make sure they understand what is needed. I have seen sooo many mistakes (not just coding) by coders it is ridiculous. While I must agree, not all of their arbitrators are technical in nature, that is why they will pass those arbitrations on. I have had a couple arbitrations take longer than I wished (one took almost 2 months). While I hated that arbitration, I have to admit, that the arbitrator did not act "unfairly" at any moment. While I wish he could have acted quicker, it was definitely fairly.

      Having used this portal so much, I could not imagine any of that person's allegations being true and CHALLENGE him to post proof.

      I have found rentacoder/vWorker to be such a wonderful place to use, I would not even consider using another place.

    • Peter Brown profile image

      Peter Brown 7 years ago

      nicomp thanks for the comment. Yes, the name changed to vworker (short for virtual worker) but the business model is still the same.

      I'm actually in the middle of a project right now through vworker. I hired a guy overseas to program my website. It's been a pleasant experience so far and things are going smoothly. I'll try to post more of my thoughts once the experience is completed.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA (formerly offers an excellent opportunity to build a portfolio. Developers looking to break into the business can offer services at rates that undercut the big development houses.

    • profile image

      another rent a coder user 7 years ago

      I find the above comments posted against rentacoder somehow quite astonishing. What you have said is something that i've not yet experienced at rentacoder and to tell you the truth, i find it better than any of the other sites that are in the same business. You get a good price for your services as well as everything here is organized. I never had any issues with rentacoder administration and i hope that i won't have any in the future.

    • profile image

      Rent a coder user since one year 7 years ago arbitrations are very poorly handled by non technical staff - possibly there are only 1-2 arbitrators as you see same person involved in all arbitrations. There are time extensions for buyer and arbitrators to speak up but no extension for coders. CODERS be aware. This is not the site where you expect that your efforts will be paid everytime. Here most of the buyers do not understand "scope" hence you end up in opening arbitrations. Since arbitrator is non-technical such as Michele Nisi, you will end up in much larger trouble in explaining the techincal problems.

      So coders, this site is good if you are ready to waste your efforts and nod for buyers and arbitrators decisions.

      If you are really a quality coder, save your efforts and do not work for cheap buyers available at Rent a coder. For quality people there is always opportunity. Do not waste yourself for websites like rentacoder!!

    • Peter Brown profile image

      Peter Brown 8 years ago

      Thanks for your comment rentacoder user- you make some great observations. I'm planning on writing an article on their competition in the future, so we'll see how they shape up to rentacoder.

      I always felt like the coders got the short end of the stick since the money taken out of the "pool" to pay for rentacoder's services comes straight out of the coder's pockets. But you make some good points about how the coder has some power too and how that can be abused. I guess the feedback thing is much like ebay's but on a smaller scale: a few negative feedbacks and your sunk.

    • profile image

      Rentacoder user 8 years ago

      When Rentacoder was formed it justified its fee by proving a very effective buffer and mediator between buyer and seller.

      When coders asked to carry out subsequent projects after the first one outside Rentacoder (as they very often do with repeat work) I used to refuse knowing that the extra that I paid them - so that they could pay their fees - would protect me from rogue coders.

      Inappropriate Behavior:

      They used to stipulate "If Buyer or Seller threatens or harrasses the other party or Exhedra, does not treat the arbitration process with respect or professionalism, does not follow arbitrator instructions, attempts (in Exhedra's sole opinion) to manipulate or unduly influence the arbitration process, or breaks any rules in the buyer or seller agreement or in the site terms and conditions, then Exhedra may choose to automatically forfeit that party and rule in favor of the opposite party, as well as permanently terminate that party's account."

      Unfortunately that's not true anymore. Coder threaten violence and hacking, refuse arbitration testing and are allowed to continue without comment. What's more if a buyer takes a project into arbitration for not delivering anything at all by deadline or responding to multiple polite requests for updates the coder can now punish the buyer with bad feedback - contrary to Rentacoder written rules and Rentacoder will allow it.

      So - with the founder now taking much less interest in the running of the company and a new generation of far less competent (presumably cheaper) arbitrators, the advantages of Rentacoder are far less.

      They still have many positive features - many of the staff are still delightful (if seeming more stressed) - and Rentacoder keep records of projects and deliverables years after completion which is highly appreciated and its still probably a great way source new coders. However as a way of providing a protection for both parties it is becoming ineffective simply due to not caring. So - sure - spend your first $100 with your coder through Rentacoder - but they'll need to try harder and be more professional to get a part of the next $10,000 you pay that coder over the following year.

      Summary: Rentacoder is a world leader - but its going the way of IBM and Microsoft in terms of responsiveness and caring . . way . . way too soon.