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Repair or Replace a Broken Tablet Screen

Updated on April 27, 2016

Repair has its perks

The use of tablets has started to dwindle since they first arrived on the scene years ago. When they first came out, people enjoyed the use of tablets because it allowed for them to carry a smaller version of a laptop in their pockets, book bags or even purses.

Kids loved the new gadgets because it allowed for them to have one more electronic to play on and kept them from actually having to go outside and play. The children that are born today are more gadget savy than most adults are. The children today are taught at a young age to play on those gadgets and therefore are more interested in playing games on phones, tablets, and game systems than they ever will be chasing a ball or throwing a Frisbee. There are somethings you should know however before deciding if you want to purchase a whole new tablet or simply repair the one that you have. Each side of the coin has its own advantages however bear in mind that you will need to either pay someone to install the new screen onto the tablet or pay to have a new tablet. The cost will depend on what needs to be done to the tablet and where you are purchasing the screen from.


First off, you should think about the tablet that you are trying to fix or repair. Some of your tablets that are cheaper are better off trying to replace than it is trying to repair the screen. If you are using a Google Play store device, you simply need to relog into the play store and download the file that you are interested in. If you do not have the play store and are using an Amazon device, this can be much trickier to recover your files.

Your basic touchscreen for a 7 inch tablet either brand of RCA or similar tablets do carry a cheap screen replacement. The problem then lies with are you able to repair the screen without causing more damage to the tablet or are you going to cause more damage and then end up replacing the tablet anyways. If you have repaired a tablet screen in the past, you will most likely be able to install a new screen on the tablet rather quickly however if you have not, you should find someone who has experience handling the screens and can make all repairs.

You should also know that the cost of replacement screens is just over ten dollars. You can purchase the screens from places in China however this is not the best option seeing as you will have to wait for the screen to come in the mail. Once you have decided which route to go, you will want discuss the topic with your loved ones or guardians. You should never do that.


When it comes to the cost of repairing a tablet screen, often times it is cheaper to just replace the tablet. If you are going to spend 50 dollars to repair the tablet, maybe you only paid 45 to purchase the tablet. In the case where there is a bit of money going into repairing the tablet, choose to instead have the tablet replaced. The downside is that whatever you have purchased or installed on the tablet is going to have to be replaced.

If you decide to replace the tablet or e-reader, you should only need to log into your play store or amazon store to redownload the files that you have already paid for. If the account has saved all of your purchases, you will simply need to click on the files that you purchased and reinstall them on your new device. The device will be added to your list of devices which allows you to specify which device in the future you want to install the application to.

When you replace the tablet you will also be able to purchase a device which holds more storage space therefore allowing you to have more space to install applications and programs as well as games. When starting from scratch, you can also make sure that the device is running faster than the old tablet or reader. Also make sure to only install new files from a reliable source. If you install from unknown sources, you run the risk of infecting the tablet or reader.


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