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Repairing and Fixing Television Antennas are Just a Fun

Updated on November 4, 2014

Replacing method of coaxial cable from television

You might be thinking what actually coax cable looks like. Well, a coaxial cable is nothing but a connection between the antenna and TV's input terminal. The plug where the TV's signal comes from is called coax connector. With time, the coax connector may be loosed or broken and thus your television might not working as your expectation. Replacing coax connector is a very easy task and you can save money by not to hire a Television technician. However, some instruments is needed that can be purchased on local hardware shop.

  1. A good coax connector
  2. A screw driver
  3. Scissor
  4. Wire cutter


  • Disconnect the coax connector from the TV. With the screw driver, remove old coax connector and gently unscrew the collar from connectors shell.
  • Be sure, you are putting right coax connector to the wire. Since most of the cables are RG-6, you most likely get F- model connector. Although there are some older connector are also available for example, Beelling Lee Connector.
  • With the wire cutter, trim the cover just 3 inch from cable and carefully remove the inner plastic with a scissor. And then try to push it into the connector and vice versa.
  • With your hand hold the collar and make a tight squeeze to cable, so that it can not loose form collar. Make sure, screw up the connector to the cable.
  • Next, on the other end of the cable peel out the cover just about 3 inch by a scissor or finger. Screw it and push it to the jackpot of your Antenna.

Coaxial Connector

Replacing method of coaxial connector
Replacing method of coaxial connector | Source

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Boost Up the Power of Your Antenna

You are sitting in a remote area and facing trouble to receive signals in the television, because your favorite TV show is telecasting right now. Now you are planning to boost up the TV antenna's power from your home. A pre-amplifier can enhance the antennas power and grab signals to your TV. On the other side, if you are a traveler, a distribution amplifier can give the necessary signal support, where ever place you go. In sort, these two antennas can ensure the most strength and the most reliable signal in your TV. Building these amplifiers is not a difficult one nor expensive. You just need few things to build them.

  1. Pre-amplifier
  2. Distribution amplifier
  3. a short cable
  4. a bolt
  5. couple of rubber boots
  6. RG-6 coaxial cable (two)


  • Select a place where you want to install signal booster. Your antenna should not be far away from the main antenna.
  • Fasten the antenna with U shaped bolt. That helps the antenna to strengthen the power as well as grab the antenna while you are on travel.
  • Plug the two sides of RG-6 coaxial cable on the each sides of antenna and pre amplifier.
  • Place one of the rubber boot in one side of pre-amplifier lets say Antenna In. Put other rubber boot on the opposite side of the amplifier lets say Antenna Out. That protect you from short circuit.
  • Plug the power pin in one socket and adopter in the other side of supply power.
  • Plug in the other side of RG-6 to distribution amplifier before reaching the crawl box.
  • And lastly, from the output of the distribution amplifier connect a cable with the junction box. Scan the TV from menu and set all the channels.

Keep in mind

  • All the signal booster equipment can be used for many applications, such as mobile signal, radio frequency, wireless system. However, they can not improve bad signals good.
  • Do not reach the antenna without ladder. If possible buy a strong ladder from market.
  • If you have small kid, do not let them allow closer to pre-amplifier. Place the amplifier at higher place.

Booster Antenna

Power booster antenna
Power booster antenna | Source

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Difference Between Non-Amplified Antenna and Amplified Antenna

Non Amplified Antenna
Amplified Antenna
Mostly used in indoors
Mostly used in outdoors
Pick signals from all direction
pick signals from specific location from a large distance
Table: Non-amplified Vs Amplified Antenna

© 2014 Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin


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