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Reset Windows Password Using TRK

Updated on August 28, 2012

Trinity Rescue Kit

Forgot the password, don't worry

Hi readers, this is a trick to reset the windows(all) password(admin). You need a plain CD or pen drive and some software. Follow the given instructions step-by-step carefully to unlock the windows.


  1. Download TRK.
  2. Burn the image to a disk. You can also make a bootable USB stick (use trk2usb)
  3. Boot from CD or USB. Select Default.
  4. At the commmand prompt type "winpass -l" , this will list all windows installations.
  5. Select the installation you need.
  6. Now you will get a list of usernames and password policies for that installation.
  7. Note the name of the user you need to reset.
  8. Type "winpass -u username" next.
  9. Select "Y" to proceed as needed.
  10. Type "exit". Type "reboot".
  11. Now you are all done.

You did It

Finally you have bypassed it, so from now onwards please remember the passwords you create or use a password manager it keep them safe if you have many. Have a great day.


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