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How to Resize Photos with Shrink Pictures, a Free Online Photo Editor

Updated on February 8, 2015
PHOTO 1: Original photo before resized, with 613kb file size and at 1200pixels
PHOTO 1: Original photo before resized, with 613kb file size and at 1200pixels | Source
PHOTO 2: Resized image to 13kb file size and at 350pixels with Shrink-Pictures Photo Editor
PHOTO 2: Resized image to 13kb file size and at 350pixels with Shrink-Pictures Photo Editor | Source
PHOTO 3: Resized photo to 8kb file size and at 100pixels with Shrink-Pictures Photo Editor
PHOTO 3: Resized photo to 8kb file size and at 100pixels with Shrink-Pictures Photo Editor | Source

Resize your images and photos if you want to post it on-line

Even our simple digital cameras are now capable of producing high resolution images. This is great for quality but if we need to post photos on sites such as Hubpages, Blogsites, Facebook or to create avatars, then we need to resize the images and photos. You also need to resize photos for email.

Why? Because a higher resolution images or photos are big files and will take longer time for your web page to load.

So, how to resize photos and images?

I want a FREE on-line resize image photo editor

There are several image resizing photo editors available including Photoshop. However, if you want a simple, user-friendly and quick to produce software, then Photoshop is not for you.

Shrink-Pictures photo editor is a FREE online photo editor that you can resize images and photos without having to download the software.

But before I describe how to go about doing it, let's look at some of the definitions.

Understanding what is Pixels, Resolution, File Size, Physical Size

Let's first understand the terms used in relation to resizing images or photos.


Pixels are related to your photo resolution. A higher pixel number denotes a better resolution or clarity, photos. But a higher pixels also means a bigger file size. PHOTO 1 is the original photo at 1200pixels. PHOTO 2 & 3 were resized to 350pixels and 100pixels respectively.

File size

If your camera is capable of taking photos up to 10MP, (MP is short for megapixels) then your photo file size can be 10MP. The higher the file size, the more memory space it will take. But what's more important is that, it will take longer to load your page. So you may want to resize this 10MP photo to a more manageable size as people who click on your web page may not have the patience to wait for the page and photo to be loaded. So what is a manageable file size? You may want to consider about 200k or lower, depending on the number of photos you have for that article.

PHOTO 1 is the original photo at 613kb file size. PHOTO 2 & 3 were resized to 13kb and 8kb respectively.

Physical Size

Most pre-built websites or blog publishing application like WordPress, will have already fixed the 'space' for your image or photos. This space or physical size will determine the best picture size you can use. So if the space can take say, 400 pixels and your photo is 500 pixels, then the photo will push the sidebar and this may change and mess up your web page.

PHOTO 1, with a bigger file size, can take the Full Width of the photo space in Hubpages. However for PHOTO 2 & 3, I had to use Half Width and Quarter Width respectively, otherwise the image will look pixelated (i.e. due to its low resolution, when we enlarged the image, the pixels become large enough to be individually seen.) NOTE: PHOTO 2 at 350pixels can still be done at FULL WIDTH but you can see a slight drop in the resolution as compared to PHOTO 1).

I Want to Resize an Image - So What Can I do?

With all these confusing terms and jargons, how can I resize my images and photos without having to know much about the technicalities?

This is where Shrink Pictures will come in handy.

It has tools that make it easy for you to use. You just decide how small you want to resize your images and photos and click on that button. No technical know how and IT savvy required.

It will also resize images online for free, without having to download any program to your computer.

Resize Images and Photos Online with Shrink Pictures Photo Editor

To resize or make your images smaller, go to Shrink Pictures website, then

  1. Click on the 'Choose Picture or Photo to Shrink' button, to select your photo that you want to resize, from your computer.
  2. Then decide what size you what to shrink the image, to. You can either select in terms of Pixels or Percentage of Reduction. You can also enter your own customized pixel size, instead of using the pre-set size. If you prefer this option, then in the box provided, enter your desired pixel size.
  3. If you want to change your image to gray-scale (black and white) or sepia tone, you can also opt for this, in the section provided.
  4. Lastly, select the resize image quality by clicking on the box.
  5. Then click RESIZE button.

Information on Your Resized Photos

It may take a few seconds for the resized image to appear on your screen. Once this happens, you will also get information of the original image size and the new resized image, size in terms of size (width and height) and pixel. You even get Exif Info, i.e. informations relating to your photo - what camera was used, date and time taken, resolution, focal length, exposure, ISO equivalent etc.

If you are happy with the resized image, either click the Download button OR Right Click on the resized image and 'Saved As' to your computer.

Voila! You are done and you can now use the resized image for your websites or email etc.

NOTE: Your resized image will be kept in Shrink Pictures temporary folder, for only 2 hours. If you don't download and saved it to your computer, you will lose this resized image. If this happen, don't worry, you can always redo it. It's so simple to resize images and photos online with Shrink Pictures software.

Pros and Cons of using Shrink Pictures Photo Editor

The Pros and Cons of using Shrink Pictures photo editor are:


  • Free
  • Can resize image and photos on-line. Hence you can access this program where there's an internet connection. Great when you are away from home, especially when on holiday.
  • Don't have to download software to your PC
  • Easy to use and no need to be technically savvy
  • Can resize and publish your image directly to Facebook using Facebook Image Resizer
  • You can also create Avatar
  • Video tutorial is available to guide you, in case you have difficulty in resizing your image and photos


  • If you need to resize several photos at once, you can't use this program. Instead they recommend using other software, BatchPhoto, a paid software.
  • When your image has been resized and appeared on your screen, there's a link "Get paid to submit photos to internet' DON'T Click on this link as it is an adult site. They shouldn't mix these together. I guess that's why the software is free for use!

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    • greatstuff profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Malaysia

      kidscrafts, thanks for dropping by. I am glad you noticed my comment on the 'cons'. Take care and enjoy using the software.

    • kidscrafts profile image


      7 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Thank you very much for all the detailed information about this software! I definitely will take note of the "cons" as I work mainly for educators and children :-)

    • greatstuff profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi sweetguide. Give it a try. It is free and easy to use.

    • sweetguide profile image


      7 years ago from River side

      This is the first time I'm hear about Shrink Pictures website. seems to be a Useful website.


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