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Resizing Images on a Mac: Free Software

Updated on August 28, 2011

SmallImage 2


Smallimage2 is a Great Image Resizing Tool that Comes for Free (Mac Compatible)

"SmallImage is a simple and efficient tool to batch process JPEG files, re-size them, re-compress them, remove embedded profiles and make them ready for the web or store them efficiently." This free software will make it so much easier for you to work with image files on a Macintosh computer.

With the advent of digital photography comes the issue of storage space. The size of the images we take has a direct relationship with how much memory we use. Small Image2 comes in very handy in that it solves the storgae issue in two ways. One is to substentially reducing the size of the actual file by pulling down the percentage in the very easy to use panel. The second is to removethumbnails which are created by programmes once you open a photograph file. This reduces the size of the file slightly. For effective use, I recommend option One.

Quality is not lost during the process

The programme also offers an option where you can choose an extension to add to your reduced file (If you want to keep the original-it will still be in its original size). Once you have reduced the size of your file, you can then archive or delete the original file to save space. The reduced file will appear in the original folder.

The benefits of having a 500KB image as compared to a larger one, say 1.2MB, is that, it becomes faster to upload and open photos online. You could be attaching them to your email in Google, or, size becomes a very important factor.

Sellers on Craigslist and eBay will benefit greatly from this very easy to use software for the above reasons and also security. Smallimage2 makes it possible to remove information from your pictures that you may want to keep private. This becomes very handy because search engines are increasingly using more and more images in searches.

"SmallImage is a simple and efficient tool to batch process JPEG files, resize them, recompress them, remove embedded profiles and make them ready for the web or store them efficiently."Says the copy on the website. Unfortunately, this open source software (free software-you can make a donation to them via Paypal if you so please) is only for macintosh Computers, I have not looked into Windows compatible software of this kind. If you do come across it, please share the information in the comments below.

In this day and age where security can be breached in various ways, it is best to know how to work with documents that are uploaded onto the public domain. Check out more information about Smallimage2 here.


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