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Retaining Your VoIP Telephone Number When You Move Your Business

Updated on May 24, 2012
Get a VoIP Telephone Number
Get a VoIP Telephone Number

Branding and Your Telephone Number

As business, it's important for you to consistently brand yourself over a period of several years. Many things such as your brand image, your slogan and your unique selling point can take a long time to get a firm footing in the minds of your target customers. In addition to the above factors however, little details like your telephone numbers are also critically important. A business secretes its contact information in many areas that can bring in a trickle of customers for a very long time to come. Telephone directories in the Yellow Pages, various business listings on the Internet, billboards, handouts and flyers, business cards etc. are all different ways to expand the awareness of the public regarding your business.

Unfortunately the realities of the modern day world can require that you move out of your geographical area and relinquish the telephone number that you have carefully cherished for so long. FCC rules allow you to keep your telephone number as long as you remain in the same place and switch telephone providers. But since telephone numbers are closely linked to a physical area for many purposes such as 911 calls, there may be no choice but for you to give it up when you make the move.

For these reasons, it makes sense for business to look ahead and obtain virtual telephone numbers which are assigned to you by VoIP provider rather than the traditional telephone carriers.

VoIP Number Portability

The beauty of VoIP is that it works in exactly the same way regardless of your geographical location. This means that you can keep your SIP provider and move to any location you want without having it disrupt your business operations. All you need in your new location is an Internet connection. This is one of the reasons why emergency 911 services are also making the shift to VoIP technologies so that they can quickly relocate themselves in a time of disaster. Unlike the PSTN system, VoIP is not bound to any geographical location and can quickly adapt itself to a new situation.

This requires that you obtain a virtual telephone number from your SIP provider which you can keep using regardless of the change in your circumstances. It's important for a businesses to choose a reputable SIP provider so that they face minimal service disruptions and obtain a high quality of service. Perks like this combine with the benefits of cheap VoIP international calling. So if you're in a city like New York, you can start off with a New York SIP provider and then retain them no matter where you move to.Contact an ITSP to find out how you can get started in as little as 15 min.


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