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Reusable Trays, Returnable Containers and Other Packaging Products

Updated on January 19, 2016

PolyFlex products are custom reusable trays, returnable containers and other packaging products for material handling or automated manufacturing. The development process includes: design services, prototyping, manufacturing, and quality system standard. Six categories of products are available within PolyFlex’s available products.

Returnable or reusable containers can get mangled and damaged throughout shipments. Protecting material and parts within the shipment is a priority for any industry shipping and receiving. Custom returnable packaging, dunnage and dunnage for steel racks safeguard packages in transit. The package can be light or heavy to fully dressed engines. It does not matter because customers find the right packaging container. Products here include returnable shipping tray for electronic components, thermoform-casting tray, thermoform gear tray, casting tray with a protective cap, returnable containers, including transmission case and trays.

In-plant processing trays are designed and manufactured as injection-molded and part-nesting pallets. Pallets and part nests position parts en route. PolyFlex manufacture urethane material to protect parts going between work cells.

Robotic interaction allows PolyFlex’s engineers and material handling experts work closely with suppliers do design custom injection-molded trays and part presentation pallets that present components to automation and protects them during processing and shipping. Current in-plant products provide:

  1. Durability: withstand repeated use beyond other material’s capacity
  2. Efficiency: less need to replace or repair, keeping maintenance to a minimum
  3. Noise reduction: metal components make less noise when interacting with rubber, urethane or plastic materials
  4. Weight reducing: for example, composites replace metal pallets and “V” blocks, reducing transportation costs

Coiled metal handling protects coils and workers’ safety. Coiled metal protects the inner diameter rings and pads to protect valuable raw materials and workers. Coil rest pads are yellow, industrial strength to cushion a coil that is placed on a floor. The ergonomic and safety benefits of pads are realized with oil runoff is collected in a pan. By trapping the oils and fluids, the pad eliminates slippery floors.

Check out more about PolyFlex Products at Case studies are available on the site to give an idea to visitors of current and past custom solutions.


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